How Amazon monitors its employees, get your mortgage thanks to these 4 aids… The eco flash of the day

The rant of the day is pushed against Amazon. This time, it is the surveillance exercised on its employees by the e-merchant that is singled out. Filing of union actions, false profiles on social networks … documents reveal the extent of the coping operated by Amazon on its “disruptive elements”. In France, the firm used … Read more

“Many employees are ready to discuss a voluntary departure”

During a press conference this morning, the President of the National Council gave some information about the social plan to the Société des Bains de mer. According to Stéphane Valeri, many employees, over the age of 57, are ready to discuss a voluntary departure. The most acute tensions concern above all the questioning of collective … Read more

Judicial Employees Loan Fund denounces a decrease in liquidity

( .- The Judicial Branch Employee Loan Fund (Caprede) reported that he produced a series of alleged messages on the social network “WhatsApp” about its apparent bankruptcy and closure caused a decrease in your liquidity. In an official statement, they posted on their wall of Facebook, they indicated that “product of gossip of these audios, … Read more

Insurance policy for Corral and senior officials is 3 million pesos, employees 37 thousand pesos: Career

Deputy Benjamín Carrera for Morena revealed that on November 21 life insurance policies were contracted for Governor Javier Corral and officials, however, for senior positions such as president and secretaries it is 3 million pesos, while 37 thousand pesos for other government employees. Benjamín Carrera pointed out the following: “Article 4 of the Political Constitution … Read more

Activision-Blizzard to lay off more than 100 employees to establish an outsourcing system

Again Activision-Blizzard is on everyone’s lips: The company is set to star in a new round of layoffs soon, this time at its studies in the Asia-Pacific region. The news comes a month after nearly 300 people lost their jobs following the closure of offices in France. According to the source, who preferred to remain … Read more

Universal Orlando Lays Off 1,123 Employees Due to Coronavirus Pandemic – En Español

The company has suffered several rounds of layoffs this year during the coronavirus pandemic, but has not provided details of how many people were laid off when the Orlando Sentinel asked previously. In September, Universal revealed it was placing 5,400 workers, which included a variety of positions, from transportation assistants to actors, on extended leave.

Corona changes the wishes of young employees

The Swedish recruitment consultancy Academic Work conducts an annual survey of young employees about their dream employers and the most important criteria when choosing a job. The results are collected in the Young Professionals Attraction Index (YPAI). The YPAI 2020 was particularly marked by Corona. The pandemic is leading to noticeable shifts in the priorities … Read more

How does the merger of BBVA and Banco Sabadell affect the customer?

BBVA has announced the sale of its business in the US for more than 9 billion euros, which, according to the entity itself, gives the starting signal for the negotiation to absorb Banco Sabadell The mortgage, loans and deposits will continue as before, but the conditions of your account and cards may change After the … Read more

Zurich Insurance: 120 employees certified as child safety advisors

Children are exposed to many dangers in our world and the Zurich Insurance wants to address this problem. It starts in the household: hot stovetops, medication lying around or an open window can be life threatening for our little ones. Other dangers lurk in traffic and when playing. Every year 125,000 children in Austria are … Read more