For the first time since the pandemic, US offices are occupied by 50% of employees

Photo of Judita Grigelyts (V). Last week, more than half of the workers in major US cities worked in offices, this is the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, when the office arrival rates were above 50%. According to the data of the security company Kastle Systems, which is based on Bloomberg, in … Read more

How much do commerce employees earn in February, according to each category?

The Syndicate of trade employees reached a new agreement to update the parity and take it to 101 percent, so that the workers from that category they will receive and pay rise in February and Marchwhich will be received in the payment of the following months. This extra responds to the review clause for the … Read more

CPF: employees will have to contribute financially to their professional training

the essential Placed in the finance bill for 2023, a government amendment provides for financial participation by employees in their professional training account (CPF) via a “residual charge”. If you are the holder of a Professional Training Account (CPF), you have surely received an email this Monday, January 30 entitled: “INFORMATION: Change of financing within … Read more

Benz threw money on the floor after refueling… Employee’s tears picked up while squatting (video)

Employees picking up fuel bottles that have fallen on the floor. weibo Controversy is brewing after a foreign owner threw a gas bottle on the floor at a gas station in China. At the time, the employee who tried to get money from the owner was said to have received psychological treatment because he felt … Read more

The Layoffs Storm Is Not Over, A Line of Technology Startups in Indonesia Compactly Cuts Employees, Here’s the List Reporter Report, Mikael Dafit Adi Prasetyo TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Storm Work termination or layoffs in the Indonesian startup industry are still continuing today. The latest comes from a buying and selling company OLX Group which is rumored to have cut employees. This layoff was announced directly by the Marketing Director of OLX Autos Indonesia, … Read more

Valve under fire of criticism. Former employees spoke up

Valve’s management has been holding back efforts for diversity, parity, and on top of that, the company has not engaged enough with the Black Lives Matter movement. This image of Valve is created by former employees who decided to speak out. Valve employees (former and current) decided to speak out and outline the condition of … Read more

Employees including Oriental Land cast to raise wages by an average of about 7% | NHK

“Oriental Land”, which operates Tokyo Disneyland, has decided to raise wages by an average of about 7% for more than 20,000 employees, including full-time employees and part-timers. According to the announcement, Oriental Land will start from April this year,▽ Wages of employees, including managers,▽ Hourly wages for part-time and part-time jobs, including two theme park … Read more

The group increases its employees by 110 euros net per month

Renault proposed a budget increase of 7.5% to support the purchasing power of its employees in 2023 at the end of the mandatory annual negotiations (NAO) completed on Thursday evening, which guarantees an average increase of 110 euros net per month for each employee. Wage increases are divided into general and individual increases, and a … Read more

Employment: French employees are popular on the world market –

A study on the job market was published by BCG and Cadremploi. French employees are among the most in demand in the world. Most requested by recruiters That study entitled “What Job Seekers Wish Employers Knew” was conducted with 90,000 talents in 160 countries and published by the BCG et Cadre employment.The results showed that … Read more