3 Foss employees in trouble

In addition to the clashes between demonstrators and police (video), Giorgia Meloni’s rally in Palermo left other controversial aftermath. Three Foss employees – that Tuesday during the speech at the Politeama by the leader of the Brothers of Italy they displayed banners of the political party from the colonnade of the Garibaldi Theater – they … Read more

Energy companies called flat by customers about new ‘ceiling’, Vattenfall flies in two hundred extra employees | Home

“What am I going to pay?” ,,What should I do?” And: “What do the new measures mean for me?” Energy companies are inundated with phone calls and text messages from their customers who want to know what the price ceiling means to them. “Sorry, but we don’t know”, is the answer that the customers get.

Shopee Lays Employees, E-Commerce Association: The Trend Could Be Like This

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Indonesian E-Commerce Association or IdEA estimates that the trend of efficiency of technology companies engaged in the online shopping sector will continue. The General Chairperson of IdEA Bima Laga stated that this was in line with the emergence of the decision to terminate employment (layoffs) from Shopee Indonesia to 187 employees. … Read more

Shopee Indonesia lays off employees, how much? page all

KOMPAS.com – Shopee Indonesia recently confirmed that it would terminate the employment relationship (layoffs) to a number of its employees. According to them, this must be done as a measure of business efficiency in the country. In an official statement, Shopee Indonesia did not specify how many employees were affected by layoffs. However, launching BloombergShopee … Read more

Emirates is looking for Portuguese employees (and comes here to recruit)

A Emirates revealed this Monday that it is looking for Portuguese candidates to join its international cabin crew team and will hold two recruitment events on national soil for this purpose. Emirates “will be present in two Portuguese cities to celebrate its Assessment Days in Portugal: 21 September in Braga (Mercure Braga Centro) and 23 … Read more

As many as 86% of employees believe that they should acquire or improve their knowledge of a foreign language

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is one of the most common requirements mentioned in job offers. They are relevant in various fields of work, and a frequent employer expects a candidate to know more than one foreign language. Job advertisements often emphasize the need for excellent knowledge of the Lithuanian language. CV-Online together with Skrivanek Translation … Read more

Mayor Izyum, it will take weeks to exhume corpses – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 18 – The mayor of Izyum Valeriy Marchenko says that in the city liberated by the Russians it will take about 2 weeks to exhume the corpses. “Employees of all services carry out exhumations, dig up the buried dead. If possible, they are identified and all sent to Kharkiv for further … Read more

The Wife of Semarang Bapenda Employees Wants to Completely Investigate Murder Cases to Ask for Protection of Corruption Witnesses

KOMPAS.com – The case of the death of Semarang City Bapenda employee, Iwan Budi, has devastated his family. Iwan Budi was found dead with burnt conditions and several body parts missing in the Marina Beach area. From the results of the investigation, the police suspected that the victim had been murdered. Also read: Regarding the … Read more