Conad, Tuodì and Carrefour employees fired, that’s why

Some supermarket chains have decided to close their doors in different regions. The consequences of this decision affect employees and consumers. Various outlets will bid farewell Conad, You hate e Carrefour. A closure that leaves citizens and employees of some of the most famous supermarket chains perplexed, but the choice has now been made. The … Read more

New consulting company in Norway: Offers employees to work four days a week with a million salary

A new consulting company wants to give Norwegian IT consultants full flexibility, without setting up their own company. The company gives its employees 51 percent of the income from the invoiced hours, and promises a minimum salary of 40,000 kroner a month even if you do not invoice for a single kroner.

Mahfud MD Can Mandate to Manage Non-ASN Employees, Cancellation of Honorary Employees?

Friday, June 24, 2022 – 20:29 WIB Mahfud MD has the mandate to take care of non-ASN employees. Photo: Ricardo/, JAKARTA – Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud MD received a new mandate from President Joko Widodo. Mahfud was appointed ad interim Minister for Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform … Read more

Netflix lays off 300 employees after losing subscribers

Netflix fired this Thursday 300 employeesmostly from the US and Canada, to settle their accounts after the loss of subscribers who has been accusing since the beginning of this year. This is the company’s second round of layoffs, which in May laid off another 150 employees after its shares plunged as it admitted to its … Read more

Lojas Americanas lays off 400 employees amid a sharp decline in financial results

Image: wikimedia Founded in 1929 in Niterói (RJ), the American is one of the most successful retail companies in Brazil. Despite this, it made more than 400 layoffs throughout the national territory in the last 2 months. With information from the relocation site for technology professionals, and Canaltech. Layoffs take place in a scenario … Read more

What kind of employees help start-ups grow?

Teleworking has become the only way for some businesses, especially start-ups, to grow confidently. In addition, with the rapid growth of freelancers around the world, businesses are increasingly forced to find ways to recruit them most effectively. Benefits for smaller businesses and start-ups According to a survey conducted by Startup Lithuania last year, 41 percent. … Read more

Jumia. Employees choose how they want to work and receive up to 1525 euros per year in subsidies

Giving workers the possibility to choose how they want to perform their functions and granting them subsidies: these are the two policies that are part of the strategy of African technology to attract and retain talent in the technological center of Porto.

Netflix lays off 300 employees after losing subscribers

Two months after announcing his heavy loss of subscribers, Netflix fired this Thursday 300 employees. This dismissal, which occurred mostly from the United States and Canada, is part of the measures taken by the company to adjust their accounts after the loss of 200,000 clients in the first quarter of the year. But this is … Read more

As the world changes, there are new demands on employees

The COVID-19 pandemic and increased geopolitical instability pose the greatest threat to economic growth. Geopolitical conflicts inevitably affect energy prices, sources, scarcity of critical materials, equipment and goods. According to the World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia Economic Update, Spring 2022: War in the Region, protracted military conflict will increase uncertainty, tensions in global supply … Read more

How companies reach their employees via digital signage

Corporate digital signage is an important trend in corporate communications. Many companies already use digital channels, be it e-mails, intranet, chats, etc., to communicate with their employees. Corporate digital signage – i.e. the provision of information via screens – is another channel to reach people in the company. Anyone who thinks of overcrowded e-mail inboxes, … Read more