In Russia, there is a wave of panic buying: shelves are being emptied, and packets of sugar are being grappled

Video cameras recorded people rushing to grab sugar when a new batch of sugar was brought into the Perekriostok store in northern Moscow. “People are fighting for sugar,” one witness says in the video. A local, Ana, who filmed a noisy scramble, told media source Podjom that people were aggressive because they were frightened by … Read more

Coronavirus, 11 deaths and 1,656 new positive cases in Calabria today: hospitals are emptied, the BULLETIN

Coronavirus: the official bulletin with all the data of the pandemic in Calabria updated to today, Wednesday 23 February Today in Calabria there have been 11 dead, 2,128 healed e 1,656 new cases on Coronavirus his 9.598 processed swabs. In the last 24 hours in Calabria the 17,25 of the processed swabs. The Bulletin of … Read more

Conservatives’ plans are collapsing: during the adoption of the budget, the Seimas hall emptied –

1 photo Seimas sitting. Photo by Elta During the morning sitting of the Seimas, the parliament shall vote on whether to approve the proposals of the members of the Seimas submitted after the second reading of the budget. However, only opposition parliamentarians take part in the vote – only about half a hundred parliamentarians vote … Read more

Emptied of thousands of street vendors, Malioboro will be transformed like a sidewalk in Singapore, JOGJA—The Malioboro sidewalks will be emptied of thousands of street vendors (PKL) starting next year. Malioboro will be beautified like a pedestrian path in Singapore. The DIY Regional Government (Pemda) is targeting the relocation and arrangement of Malioboro street vendors to be completed by 2024. Head of the DIY SME Cooperative Agency Srie Nurkyatsiwi … Read more

Safe emptied in Yokohama Coesewijnestraat burglary

The Yokohama guard on Coesewijnestraat was robbed this morning. Three armed robbers made off with the contents of the safe of the car dealership in Suriname. The robbers are believed to have been dropped off at the scene in a black Toyota Vitz. They were armed with handguns and attacked the guard. They gagged the … Read more