Portaltic.-Firefox enables by default its total protection against ‘cookies’, which limits the ‘cookies’ to the website where they were created

MADRID, 15 Jun. (Portaltic/EP) – Mozilla Firefox has boasted of being the most secure browser on the market by enabling its total protection against ‘cookies’ by default (Total Cookie Protection), that isolates in ‘jars’ to shield the privacy of the user. The company has announced the extension of the scope of this solution to its … Read more

Saliva test enables thoughtful testing

Researchers at McMaster University have developed a new form of rapid test to detect infections in farm animals, responding to the growing threat of dangerous outbreaks. The prototype has proven effective in detecting a devastating diarrheal infection in pigs first identified in Canada in 2014, and can be adapted to test other pathogens and in … Read more

New delivery method enables slow release of a wider range of peptide drugs into the body

A new study from the University of Michigan describes one of the first entirely new microencapsulation approaches to drug delivery in decades. Microencapsulation in biodegradable polymers allows drugs such as therapeutic peptides to be released over time in the body. Peptides are molecules in the body made up of short chains of amino acids and … Read more

Firefox enables hardware acceleration by default

Linux is the only operating system on which Firefox is able to stand up to the omnipresent and omnipotent Chromium. Mozilla’s browser is ahead in the implementation of technologies and features such as hardware acceleration, support for Wayland and dark mode GNOME 42however, none or almost none of it is to Mozilla’s credit, rather most … Read more

Microsoft Edge Canary is testing a new “Drop” feature that enables cross-platform device sharing, storage of files and notes

There are often several productivity tools used by modern people. Although browsing records, bookmarks, etc. can be opened on the same browser across platforms, you must find another way for notes or files, such as seeking other services that can be synchronized in the cloud. to be used across platforms. In the latest update to … Read more

After losing 200 thousand subscribers, Netflix enables a new service to explore content in another way – Prensa Libre

Are you interested in discovering new productions of Netflix? If the answer is correct, you have come to the right place. As usual, one of the main platforms of streaming seeks to provide unrepeatable experiences to its users, and in that sense, it has launched Category Huba service that will allow people find content in … Read more

Government of CDMX enables 122 mobile points; these are – The Financial

With the aim of facilitating access to vaccination against COVID, the government of Mexico City will enable 122 mobile points distributed in 10 subway stations; 88 public spaces and 24 modules for incorporation into the pension program for the well-being of the elderly. “Thanks to the efforts of multiple institutions of the city government and … Read more

Google enables users to delete the last 15 minutes in their search history

Google said that it is now possible to delete the last 15 minutes of search history in the Android application. A company spokesperson, Ned Adrian, said: “We are currently working on rolling out this feature through our Android app. We expect it to be available to all app users in the next few weeks. It … Read more

a bracelet that enables sensory experiences in the metaverse

the japanese company H2L Technologies developed a bracelet that would allow various physical sensations to be experienced in the metaverso. This was announced in his official Webwhere he showed various uses of this new technology to interact in virtual environments. UnlimitedHand, future improvements to the metaverse This device called UnlimitedHand is backed by the tech … Read more

The Ministry of Health enables jurisdictions to apply new doses of vaccine against COVID-19 for reasons of travel to those who have received Sputnik V

Given the postponement of the inspection by the World Health Organization (WHO) to evaluate the inclusion of Sputnik V in its list of vaccines against COVID-19 for use in emergencies, the Ministry of Health of the Nation enables jurisdictions to apply the required dose for reasons of travel to those who have previously received Sputnik … Read more