Ma³gorzata Rozenek visited Stockholm with her family. However, she did stay at a hotel. Previously encountered problems

A great Swedish vacation is going on Małgorzata Rozenek and her relatives. You can watch them thanks to extensive Instagram reports on the profile of “Perfekcyjna”. On a rainy Tuesday day, the whole gang Majdan set off from Vimmerby on a further journey. Stockholm turned out to be their destination, welcoming travelers with sunny weather. … Read more

From the case, Chertam Pinknavy was secretly photographed under her skirt. If encountered, how should we cope?

secretly taking pictures under a woman’s skirt Sexual harassment in a public place where women or victims should stand up and fight And if this happens, what should we do? from the case Chertaem Wannakon or Chertaem Pinknavy net idol girl group Good hands secretly photographed under the skirt while going up the escalator at … Read more

In Seville, the Red Devils will be faced for their round of 16 to a problem encountered by other teams

After St. Petersburg twice and Copenhagen once, the Red Devils will therefore continue their tour of Europe in Seville on Sunday for their round of 16. The heat will be overwhelming there since it is still forecast 30 to 32 degrees at kickoff around 9 p.m. That’s a lot, but it’s always less than during … Read more

Lidl encountered resistance in two regions. Definitely a referendum

In Králíky, the petition was written by local retailers, fearing that the arrival of Lidl would destroy them economically. “At first glance, it might seem that opening a new market could be beneficial for the city of Králíky, because it is argued that the employment will increase. However, this is not a completely correct argument, … Read more

Perseverance, the NASA explorer encountered technical problems

The NASA rover-type vehicle departed Cape Canaveral, Fla. On Thursday at 1:50 p.m. Belgian time. During the launch Thursday afternoon (Belgian time) of the American explorer Perseverance, technical problems surfaced, reported the American space agency NASA. Perseverance was launched to Mars by a powerful Atlas V launcher. According to authoritative space websites, there is a … Read more