The benefits of beets are endless! It strengthens immunity, even helps to lose weight

Pickles, turnips, soup, salad, food… Beetroot, appealing to our eyes with its vibrant red color and to our health with its many benefits, is almost a source of healing! Its green leaves are rich in iron, vitamins A and C. The tuber and root part are also a source of folic acid, manganese, potassium and … Read more

Submitter: “Black Friday creates endless shopping hysteria”

Today is the time for perhaps this year’s most outdated day, Black Friday. Like many other things, Black Friday has been imported from the USA and completely exploded on the Swedish market. But it is no longer just a day. Black Friday has become Black Week. One Friday a year has been turned into a … Read more

“Fifty push-ups and dumpsters every morning before it breaks.” Singer Jordan Haj on endless exercise and diets

“When the movie Fight Club came out, I thought that once I grew up, I would also have such a fancy character. That baking pan, ”recalls singer Jordan Haj. He admits that he has been struggling with his character since puberty. But with no diet or exercise, it lasts and starts all the time. Appearance … Read more

The “endless labor lawsuits” are over, a new labor model advances

“Today we celebrate a momentous milestone for the union world, the Federal Labor Center assumes the registry function of Trade Unions and Collective Contracts throughout the country; for the first time we will have a single and public registry of unions and collective contracts ”. Today starts the 2nd Stage of the #NewModelLaboral. Goodbye to … Read more

Meloni and Salvini, two allies too similar not to be rivals. Story of an endless quarrel (behind the hugs) –

from Tommaso Labate The competition for the leadership of the center-right coalition between the two leaders who humanly hardly ever endured each other “But did he really say that?” Does he say to me that I am the radical right? But in Europe he is with Le Pen! ». Hard to believe today, while the … Read more

“Boomerang X Boomerang X” opens endless challenge mode, new map “Blood Garden” opens-Technology

The world-renowned independent game publisher Devolver Digital announced today that the “First Person Boomeranger (FPB)” game “Boomerang X (Boomerang X)” produced by the development team DANG! A major revision, opening a new play mode “Endless Run Mode” and a mysterious map “RED GARDEN”, ​​players will face stronger enemies and a new game experience. Boomerang X … Read more

The benefits of kiwi are endless! Those with intestinal problems must consume

Another benefit of kiwi comes from the vitamins in it. Kiwi, which is among the foods with high vitamin C content, contains plenty of dietary fiber. Giving information about the subject, Dietician Hülya Çağatay said that kiwi helps to control cholesterol and blood sugar levels with its high fiber and low carbohydrate content. Here are … Read more

The test of Daniel Craig’s endless training for ‘No Time to Die’

Max Mumby/IndigoGetty Images Daniel Craig has combined exercises of the calisthenics with resistance bands to mold a James Bond agile but muscular. The 53-year-old actor had to complete his transformation after his role as a sedentary detective in ‘Daggers in the back’. Why does Daniel Craig say that James Bond shouldn’t be played by a … Read more