Flying parts, broken belt, flooded engine and blinding mud as a bonus: Thierry Neuville looks back on an afternoon of galleys

Thierry Neuville failed to reach the finish of the last special on the menu of this very complicated day on the Safari Rally. Rising up to third place in the general classification before SS13, the Belgian driver, who already had to deal with a Hyundai i20 N Rally1 disfigured since the first special of the … Read more

The Reason Why Buses Rarely Turn Off the Engine When Filling Diesel

JAKARTA, – Bus have different habits while being fill in fuel compared to normal vehicles. If the car must turn off the engine when fill fuelmost of the bus leave the engine running. But there is a reason why buses rarely turn off machine while charging solar. The reason is for the convenience of … Read more

This is how Matic Suzuki should be, 125 cc engine that looks like Hayabusa Suzuki Swish 125 . digital instrument panel – New Motorcycle, Suzuki Swish 125 Present, Slim Body in Contrast Color Style Hayabusa. Suzuki presents motor matic the new Suzuki Swish 125 with a slim body appearance. Suzuki automatic motorcycle This, in addition to having a slim body also has a contrasting color. The Suzuki … Read more

Renault and Nissan in court for failures of the 1.2 TCe / DIG-T petrol engine

This is a case that, over the months, is gaining momentum. The problems encountered by several thousand customers Renault, Nissan, Dacia and Mercedes on the 1.2 liter TCe / DIG-T petrol engine have just taken a legal turn. According to Christophe Leguevaques, one of the lawyers involved in the lawsuit against Renault and Nissan through … Read more

It’s okay to change engine oil specifications, this is advice from the experts

Radityo Herdianto / Illustration of a car engine oil change – It was mesin The car is the thing that gets more attention. As is known, each engine oil has specifications ranging from viscosity, additives to base oil or different base materials. The use of engine oil in cars ideally refers to the … Read more

Cygnus Freighter’s ISS boost engine burn ends prematurely

The planned re-enhancement maneuver for the International Space Station ended after just 5 seconds for currently unknown reasons. Cargo ships docked International Space Station It regularly fires its bursts in short bursts to keep the orbiting lab at its cruising altitude. These vehicles are usually Russian Progress capsules, but on Monday (June 20) Northrop Grumman’s … Read more

Price, Version, Consumption, Engine and Technical Data!

New Caoa Chery iCar (Photo: Publicity/ Caoa Chery) ” data-medium-file=”×163.jpg” data-large-file=”×556.jpg”/>New Caoa Chery iCar (Photo: Publicity/ Caoa Chery) The iCar is Caoa Chery’s new all-electric vehicle, which joins the brand’s hybrid models to reinforce the electrified car options. With the current cheapest electric vehicle station in Brazil, the iCar has a price of R$ 139,990 … Read more

Police Ford has an engine from a 27.0 V12 tank of almost five times the power

The propulsion of the tank was scarce, so the original car mechanic connected two huge turbos. The engine is terrifying, but it works and gives police Ford a chance to succeed in Bugatti Veyron. Among the terribly modified DIY prototypes, the unusual sedan stands out from the line with its surprising brand, origin, focus, performance … Read more