Probably the last popular sports car with a rotary engine without a turbo to heat it up on the Autobahn, it inspires desire

Probably the last popular sports car with a rotary engine without a turbo to heat it up on the Autobahn, it inspires desire 19.3.2023 | Petr Miler / Photo: Toyota In its previous generation, it was a somewhat underpowered alternative, today it is something of the last Mohican. And before the last Mohican, you don’t … Read more

Engine Oil Thickens Quickly, Apparently There Are Special Rules

KLATEN, – The time for changing engine oil in a car is determined by each official dealer or repair shop. Many car users understand, do it and get good results. But not a few car users who have followed the recommendations for changing engine oil according to what the dealer has set still get … Read more

Remedy Entertainment presents its own engine. Discover the benefits of Northlight Engine

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> Nowadays, more and more developers are determined to abandon their proprietary engines and jump to Unity or Unreal Engine. However, it turns out that not everyone followed this path. That’s why Remedy Entertainment decided to record a special material explaining to us why they decided to stick with proprietary technology, since many similar things … Read more

Lando Norris: “The first engine for the season is already ready, so the engine has been changed” – Auto

Lando Norris spoke about the deplorable state of the motor from Mercedes. At the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the McLaren driver received a second power plant for the season without a penalty. “I have completely changed the engine, because the first one is already ready,” Lando said. Also, the second internal combustion engines were installed … Read more

New Automatic Motor Challenger to NMax Launches, the Engine is More ‘Horrible’

Jakarta – Kymco has officially launched Kymco KRV180 Black new to Taiwan. The gambot-bodied automatic scooter is predicted to be a strong challenger to the Yamaha NMax 155 which has been launched for a long time. Disitat from Greatbiker, Saturday (18/3), the new Kymco KRV180 Nero carries a ‘radical’ design thanks to its tapered lines. … Read more

The unique thing with an engine from a fighter still fascinates and scares

The car was created in 1966 as a purely mobile chassis without a body. Paul Jameson, a British designer, enthusiast and also a bit of a dreamer, was responsible for the construction. It was an interesting puzzle at the time – the front axle was provided by the now defunct Wolseley car manufacturer, the rear … Read more

The Sims 4 update brought monstrous kids and stratified parents. The game engine failed again

The Sims 4 traditionally broke after the next update. As DLC approaches, the threat level rises significantly The Sims 4 life simulator has been on the market for many years and has received a lot of updates and paid add-ons. From a technical point of view, the design is very fragile. The Sims 4 recently … Read more

It’s already starting: Leclerc faces a penalty in Jeddah after problems with his Ferrari engine

March 16, 2023, 07:30 PH Charles Leclerc with the Ferrari SF-23 during the pre-season tests in Bahrain | photo: Scuderia Ferrari The Formula 1 season has barely started and Ferrari is already facing its first penalty for deploying an excessive number of power unit components. Charles Leclerc will be pushed back 10 places in the … Read more