What happened when they disassembled the engine of a Porsche that reached a million kilometers

In general, the sports cars They have few kilometers because their owners use them on weekends or on special occasions, and for their daily trips they resort to a more rational or familiar vehicle. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, as is the case of Tom Thalmann, a man who it reached a … Read more

Winter diesel will soon start appearing at gas stations. In the cold months, the engine will benefit

Author: Anina Russová – Photo: Pavel Srp – 26 November 2022 There is a rumor among motorists that so-called summer diesel can freeze in winter. But it’s actually not like that at all. Nevertheless, the so-called winter diesel, which is intended even for really cold weather, is gradually starting to appear at the stands. Summer, … Read more

COOL Yamaha MX King 180 VVA 2023 Comes With a 180 CC Engine, Gahar and Sporty Designs Are the Flagship

BondowosoNetwork.com – Yamaha MX King The 180 VVA 2023 comes with fierce specifications and a super sporty design. With an engine capacity of 180 CC, Yamaha MX King This 180 VVA 2023 is ready to take the streets aggressively. Of course Yamaha MX King The 180 VVA 2023 is equipped with a number of advantages, … Read more

Meteor V12 Special: New build of a classic sports car with a tank engine for two million

A lot of decommissioned aircraft engines were left after the Great War. What about them? Many of them ended up in car chassis, these monsters were mainly driven around the track at Brooklands. With Fiat Mephistopheles (or in Italian Mephistopheles) even broke Ernest Eldridge’s world speed record in 1924. And later Napier-Railton John Cobb’s 1933 … Read more

China builds jet engine that reaches 9 times the speed of sound using kerosene | Science

Chinese engineers claim to have built an engine that runs on kerosene and can propel planes up to nine times the Speed ​​of sound (Mach 9), that is, approximately 10,735 km/h. According to scientists, by using this cheap fuel, these hypersonic aircraft they will have less risk of exploding than those that use hydrogen. The … Read more

The first gameplay of the fan-made remaster of STALKER on the new engine

Modder Andrey Olegov recently shared screenshots of his own remaster S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. Now the enthusiast has published the first gameplay of his 12-year-old work. In STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl Rebuild, the developer changed the engine from the original X-Ray to an improved version of it called OGSR, which significantly improved the quality of … Read more

Formula 1 final report: Step back McLaren, Alpine took engine risks | NOW+ Formula 1

The 2022 Formula 1 season is over. Time to look at the performance of the drivers and teams in three parts, ranked by their position in the Constructors’ Championship. In part 2, NU.nl takes a closer look at the midfield: Alpine, McLaren and Alfa Romeo. 4. Alpine – Renault Cijfers: Gemiddelde startpositie: 10,5 Gemiddelde finishpositie: … Read more

One Cubesat Artemis 1 Thrust Engine Disabled while Flying on the Moon

loading… NASA’s LunaH-Map Cubesat is designed to measure the distribution and abundance of hydrogen in the south polar region of the Moon. Photo/NASA/Arizona State University FLORIDA – One of the cubesats Artemis 1 mission the so-called LunaH-Map failed to burn the engine while flying across the moon. Even though it failed to perform an important … Read more