Laima Vaikulė left the Atlantic for enigmatic reasons: health is believed to have struck

The publication Privāta Dzīve announces that Laima does not promise to return to her native Latvia soon – it is said that not earlier than in the summer. It is officially announced that she has left because she has “faced her own war, which needs to be fought now”. However, L. Vaikulė does not reveal … Read more

Austrian chancellor meets Putin after hearing enigmatic phrase about war in Ukraine

According to the Austrian chancellor, at the end of the meeting, Putin said: “It would be better if he [karas] expire soon. “ According to Nehammer, the meaning of these words is not entirely clear. They could signal Putin’s willingness to continue peace talks or signal a swift and brutal attack on Donbass. “We cannot … Read more

First enigmatic images of season 4 of Stranger Things

Marrakesh, Mar. 23 (Maroc-Actu) – Netflix has finally unveiled the first images of the film the fourth season of “Stranger Things. Three years after the release of the third season, the Duffer brothers’ series returns with a flood of photos that remind us that the premiere of the first part of this season is getting … Read more

Is this a break? Following the U.S. written response, Putin’s spokesman made an enigmatic statement

The communist hints of the Chinese government for Vladimir Putin not to start a war during the Winter Olympics seem to be coming true. Because after the fourth meeting of Normandy at the level of presidential advisers in France, the Russian representative supported the idea to continue negotiations between Kiev and Moscow, reports LNK News. … Read more

China reveals what is the enigmatic cube that appeared “out of nowhere” in the photographs of its lunar mission

Mystery solved. The Chinese space mission, which in December communicated that he had detected a strange cube that came “out of nowhere” on the horizon of several photographs taken by the space vehicle Yutu 2, has just revealed what we all suspected then, that it is no more than a stone that the lack of … Read more

Unexpected breakthrough in Ireland in enigmatic disappearance and murder of Giedrė Raguckaitė

In Ireland, Giedrė Raguckaitė disappeared without knowledge in 2018. in May, her searched both Irish and Kaunas County Police. The body of the young woman has not been found so far, but the considerable amount of various data collected allowed the researchers to conclude that the last Lithuanian citizen seen alive in the settlement of … Read more

These are the enigmatic images of Mars captured by the Chinese mission Tianwen-1

The China National Space Administration released four images taken by its Tianwen-1 mission on the planet Mars. It is worth mentioning that a camera deployed by said mission has captured an apparently frozen ice layer on Mars and other extraterrestrial color shots that are almost enigmatic. The images also include a kind of selfie of … Read more

Mauro Icardi reappeared after a new separation: photo with Wanda and enigmatic message

The novel of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi add a new chapter. While the businesswoman -que confirmed that they are separated– continues in Milan with his friends, the footballer reopened his Instagram account and left several messages. The first was a publication with a photo with the mother of his two daughters, whose comments he … Read more

The enigmatic story of a 22-year-old blogger has shocked the US: the body of the murdered Gabby Petito has been found, the fiancée is looking for the police

Teton County coroner Brent Blue concluded that the girl had been killed, but did not give an exact cause of death as official autopsy findings are still pending. Mr Petito’s body was found on Sunday near an undeveloped campsite surrounded by forests and bushes. Investigators say 23-year-old Laundrie is wanted. His parents told FBI agents … Read more

The Accident, or the story of the enigmatic astronomical object

There are many kinds of stars spread across the universe. However, most of them, especially the more distant and less luminous ones, are difficult to characterize. There is a whole system to classify them, according to their temperature, size, etc. However, the recent discovery of an enigmatic object called « L’Accident » a shaken the model established … Read more