Gazzetta: De Laurentiis is not enjoying the push and pull of Fabian Ruiz

The Napoli championship is about to start and you can breathe the first tensions of the season. With the market still open, Spalletti’s line-up is under construction, but president De Laurentiis doesn’t like some situations in the balance, as the Gazzetta dello Sport stresses today. Napoli intends to give Ndombele to Spalletti as soon as … Read more

Who shined? Famous faces are enjoying Grape and Sziget, they showed bold trendy pieces and festival must have accessories

The festival weekend started in a big way. Famous beauties also came to enjoy the Grape Festival or Sziget in Hungary. What outfits did they bet on? The festival mania continues. After successful Good luck 2022 here we have again a weekend dedicated to music, fun and trendy outfits. In progress the Grape festival, but … Read more

[D:FOCUS] T.O.ONE “‘Winat’, an album prepared while relaxing and enjoying freely”

“I practiced in detail with gestures and facial expressions as there were a lot of improvisations.” Group T.O1 directly explained the new mini-album ‘WHY NOT’. On the 8th, magazine First Look released’s pictorial and interview. ⓒFirst Look, who has emerged rapidly with thrilling straight-line lyrics that makes the heart beat and a stage … Read more

Five keys to enjoying a healthy plate, according to Harvard experts

Fruits and vegetables should occupy half of the food plate (Photo: Capture) More than 1.9 billion adults are overweight and obese in the world. This health problem also affects children: more than 41 million children under the age of five are overweight or obese. It is a disorder with multiple causes and involves an energy … Read more

Skiing luck. The Czech downhill skier is enjoying a small miracle

Thirty-three-year-old Křížová announced that she was pregnant only recently, in mid-July. She explained to her fans why she was silent on social media for so long. “The reason was that I was directing my attention to the little miracle that was growing inside me. A new life role is already knocking on the door,” she … Read more

My husband is sleeping with me from the wrong place and is enjoying it. Should I ask for a divorce and not do any of it?.. Watch the surprising reply Mabrouk Attia!!

Dr. Mabrouk Attia, professor of Islamic law at Al-Azhar University, said that a woman is not allowed to ask for a divorce from her husband because of her coming from behind during marital intercourse except after advice more than once. Attia confirmed in response to a related question on the subject that if the husband … Read more

Expensive fur coats and romance! A Kambala couple is enjoying their holiday in Turkey

One of the shopping trips culminates in the purchase of brightly colored shoes, which will serve as a great accessory to any of Olga’s sexy outfits. The couple spends a lot of time by the pool, swimming, sunbathing, enjoying drinks, and just making love. A round bed can be seen in the couple’s apartments, which … Read more

Why are Putin’s allies enjoying a vacation in Venice? they ask on social media

“Why not enjoy the summer in Russia, when it is so wonderful, but in the decadent West? Why are Russian politicians even allowed to join the EU?” asks user @BattlefieldUkr. At the same time, he asks why Russian politicians are even allowed to join the EU? Twitter user Yumi raged in a similar vein: “The … Read more

Oh Jeong-yeon, daily life enjoying a superbike “Round 100km round trip… New World”

Jeongyeon Oh Instagram capture © News1 Broadcaster Oh Jeong-yeon revealed her daily life of riding a superbike. On the 11th, Oh Jeong-yeon posted on her social networking service (SNS) account, “Riding fun to beat the steamy heat, taking off the protective jacket (upper coat) only for a short time when acquaintances drove safely in front … Read more