The Kremlin is seriously enraged by the EU’s decision: it threatens serious countermeasures

The Kremlin responded to the European Union’s visa restrictions for Russian citizens with a statement of “serious action”. Dmitry Peskov again threatens the EU with “serious steps”: “It is 100 percent.” August 31 The EU has agreed to completely suspend the visa facilitation agreement with the Russian Federation. This decision will significantly reduce the number … Read more

Enraged, Maksvytis brought up Brazdeikis and Jokubaitis: he sent to collect Dragičius’s signature

At the end of the third quarter, after several unsuccessful defensive episodes of the Lithuanian national team, K. Maksvytis took a minute break. In the interviews given before the match, R. Jokubaitis had mentioned that his childhood idol was the Slovenian Goran Dragičius, so the coach immediately tried to hit the most painful spot and … Read more

S. Shoigu was enraged by the proposal to ban all Russians from entering the EU

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Saturday called the proposal to ban all Russians from entering the European Union (EU) Nazi. “We see another clear manifestation of Nazi policy, when high-ranking European politicians promote the Russophobic idea of ​​not allowing Russian citizens into EU countries,” said S. Shoigu. In response to the war caused by … Read more

Moscow was enraged by the decision of the Latvian parliament

“Given that this decision is not based on any facts other than animalistic xenophobia, it and its ideologues should be called nothing but neo-Nazis,” she wrote on the Telegram channel. The representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also reminded of August 8. published her comments, in which she called the intention to declare … Read more

EUR 80 million from Viktor Orban. Romania enraged: Destroy Sepsi Pika Nona

– It was all very strange. The Prime Minister of Hungary came to Romania and in match European Cups he cheered for the Romanian club. I am apolitical and I do not want to get into discussions, but it seems to me that the same situation in Hungary would not have the right to happen … Read more

Treason, enraged Ukrainians. They were fired up by their star Olympic champion

The fifty-three-year-old native of Odessa appeared alongside Russian stars who are banned from international events. The show was also prepared by Tatyana Navková, the wife of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. The performance was presented in Russian cities with the participation of Petrenko already in the winter, the Ukrainian champion remained a part of it even … Read more

The US astronaut was enraged by the disgusting behavior of the Russians in space: the ISS was used for propaganda of the war in Ukraine – it flew and raised the flag of Donbass

American astronaut Terry Virts himself once led the crew of the ISS. Now he is outraged by the actions of Russian cosmonauts on the space station – they unfurled the flags of the separatist pseudo-republics of Donbass. Virts urged not to ignore such actions of Russian colleagues. “Russia is now officially using the space station … Read more

Chanchi Estévez enraged by a joke by Turco García and Locho Loccisano: “It’s looking for a fight”

El Turco García and Locho Loccisano played a joke on Chanchi Estévez at the table The Hotel of the Famous which made him furious. READ MORE: They claim that Locho Loccisano “takes advantage” of his role as a victim in El Hotel de los Famosos The ex-soccer player and the mobile player they took over … Read more

These 5 Food Blasphemy Incidents Make People Enraged and Angry

Jakarta – Not a few innovations in a food menu end up being judged as blasphemy. One of them was recently highlighted regarding the non-halal Nasi Padang. Inspired by existing food, many people are in the form of wanting to make a new innovation that is fresher. Trying to be different, many foods are added … Read more

Students in Makassar are Almost Enraged by Mass, The Cause is Really Desperate

Tuesday, May 24 2022 – 17:33 WIB The police visited the crime scene at Perumnas Antang, Makassar. Photo: Doc. Mangala Police Public Relations, MAKASSAR – Manggala Sector Police officers secured a woman with the initials AR (22) from Batua Raya, Batua Village, Manggala District, Makassar City, South Sulawesi. Women who are still status student … Read more