Iran admits it has 25 kg of uranium enriched with 60%, the West is getting worried

loading… TEHERAN – Iran has increased its stockpile of 60% enriched uranium to 25kg. The latest report was disclosed by state media. The announcement came shortly after a date set for the resumption of nuclear talks between Tehran and other world powers. “The Islamic Republic has so far produced 25 kilograms of 60% uranium,” said … Read more

Musk enriched $ 36 billion a day: what happened? | Business

The value of shares increased E.Muskas is the richest person in the world in just a month, and now he is also the richest. On Monday, E. Muskas became $ 36 billion richer. What happened? Well, the money in E. Musko’s accounts did not increase so much. The value of his shares just rose. Car … Read more

Donostia: The Zero Poverty platform warns of the hoarding of doses by enriched countries

The Zero Poverty platform has alerted this morning in Donostia that the pandemic has become a factor that generates tremendous inequality. While in Euskadi 90% of the target population already has immunity against covid-19 in Africa, the percentage of the population that has received some dose is reduced to only 1%. “The pandemic is one … Read more

Iran says it has enriched 120 kilos of uranium

The Iranians say they need the uranium for their research reactor in the capital Tehran. In a report published in September, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) estimated that Iran had 84.3 kilograms of uranium enriched at 20 percent. In a report from May, it was estimated that Iran had 62.8 kilos. The IAEA then … Read more

Electric car as a museum exhibit. The first Škoda Enyaq enriched the NTM collections

The pre-production Škoda Enyaq iV was marked by NTM as a milestone of the brand, comparable to the Voiturette B from 1906. On Tuesday, the National Technical Museum (NTM) took over the Škoda Enyaq iV, which is the first Škoda electric car produced in the Czech Republic, to its collections. The pre-production Škoda Enyaq iV … Read more

The Hungarian billionaires have further enriched themselves, they will have even more money next year

Experts predict an amazing increase in wealth for Hungarian billionaires next year. The crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic will not only be felt by the richest, but will be enriched by huge extra wealth. The private banking consulting company Blochamps Capital estimates that the total assets of the private banking clientele could reach HUF … Read more

Starts Production of Enriched Uranium Metal, Iran Closes to Nuclear Weapons

loading… FAULT – Iran has started the metal production process uranium enrichment, a move that could help develop nuclear weapons. This was revealed directly by the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Iran is known to have produced small amounts of unenriched uranium metal this year. It is a violation … Read more

Production of enriched uranium metal, US warns Iran

loading… WASHINGTON – United States of America (USA) warns Iran to stop pursuing dangerous policies related to nuclear weapons. The US says the country’s latest efforts to enrich uranium metal could complicate the return of talks aimed at restarting it 2015 nuclear agreement . The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported that Iran intends to … Read more

Surprisingly, Iran has Produced 6.5 Kg of Uranium Enriched 60%

loading… TEHERAN – Government Iran claimed to have made 6.5 kg of uranium enriched 60%. The announcement rocked Iran’s nuclear talks with world powers. The latest move is approaching enrichment for nuclear weapons at the 90% rate. Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei was quoted by state media as saying the country had also produced 108 … Read more

Microids My Universe range is enriched with five new games – News

Yesterday, the French publisher Microids unveiled its end-of-year line up and took the opportunity to announce the great return of the Blue Tunics thanks to the arrival of the remaster of the North & South episode, and of the saga Who wants to earn millions? But that’s not all, at the end of the year, … Read more