bomb in the urn – Libero Quotidiano

Roberto Formigoni September 19, 2022 What influence does foreign policy have on the elections, and on the subsequent behavior of the new government? A lot, it has always had a lot of it, even if the Italians know little about it and are not interested in it. But there was a time (the second post-war … Read more

Read: “Today Pontida is a province of Hungary” – Politics

“Pontida has now become a province of Hungary”. The secretary of the Democratic Party said it, Enrico Letta, arriving at the event promoted by the party in the square in Monza. “We do not want an Italy that binds itself to Hungary as Salvini wanted to do today.” We do not want an Italy that … Read more

Letta focuses on the expansion of compulsory education and green – Politics

To participate in the Chamber’s work on the Aid bis decree, Enrico Letta and Giorgia Meloni put the electoral campaign on standby for a few hours. But they did not stop the clash in view of the vote, at least on social media. “I tell Giorgia Meloni: being a woman is not enough to make … Read more

“I tell you who he really is”, what will happen after the vote – Libero Quotidiano

In praise of Edward Luttwak a Giorgia Meloni. The US political scientist almost takes for granted the victory of the center-right in the elections on 25 September. And with this a triumph of the Brothers of Italy who, according to the agreements with the allies, would have carte blanche on the name of the next … Read more

“Attacks at every hour on Letta da Renzi and Calenda” – Libero Quotidiano

In the center-left, rags fly. After the Pd-Calenda pact and the subsequent break for the entry into the coalition of the greens and the left of Fratoianni, now war breaks out among the desperate voters. The Third Pole risks big and the Democratic Party could face a resounding blow. And so Renzi e Calenda they … Read more

“We aim for the under 35s to become the first party”

Enrico Letta, secretary of the Democratic Party, three priorities for the future government? “First, the expensive bills that weigh so much on families, businesses, small businesses. Second, concerns about work, with an advanced social agenda, starting with the minimum wage and the reduction of taxes on work to give an extra salary at the end … Read more

Enrico Letta, the comment on the dead Russian manager makes the David Rossi case explode. Pd Secretary overwhelmed – Time

When social media, especially at the time of the electoral campaign, can turn into a dangerous boomerang. The secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta comments on the news of the death of the Russian manager Ravil Maganov (vice president of the oil giant Lukoil) and chirps on Twitter to hit Matteo Salvini. “The end of … Read more

what they said at the Rimini meeting

Eventually the long-awaited confrontation between Giorgia Meloni ed Enrico Letta there has already been. The setting, however, is not a television studio, but the meeting of Rimini 2022. On the stage of Communion and liberation in fact, between digs on presidentialism and sport, and notable differences of views, for more than two hours the leader … Read more

“Extend compulsory schooling”. And the whistles start – Time

Jade Oricchio 23 August 2022 Whistles for Enrico Letta at the Rimini Meeting. The secretary of the democratic party from the stage that hosted the first confrontation between political leaders proposed extending the compulsory schooling up to maturity: “In my opinion we must make kindergarten compulsory, which so far is not, and also extend it … Read more

Electoral lists are the perfect spot for anti-politics

The autumn of our discontent is the great absentee of this phase: Ukraine, the crisis, the racism of Civitanova, the data from the Interior Ministry on landings. The country, “who was this man?”, Removed from the debate and from the lists, became a lifeboat of a policy that sinks like the Titanic and rescues the … Read more