Maneuver, pensions and “enlarged center”: Letta and Conte at lunch together

Whether it is called “campo largo” or Nuovo Ulivo, the goal of the secretary of the Democratic Party is fixed. Building a grand coalition of the center-left ahead of the next political elections in 2023. He reiterated this yesterday at What’s the weather like and some images of Tg3 already show him at work in … Read more

Mimmo Lucano? Toh, Enrico Letta is scandalized if they condemn a friend: “Stunned” – Libero Quotidiano

01 October 2021 Toh, Enrico Letta when they condemn a “friend” he is indignant and points the finger at the judiciary. The story is that of Mimmo Lucano, the former mayor of Riace, an alleged model of reception, sentenced to 13 years and 2 months for a series of irregularities and offenses relating to that … Read more

Draghi even after 2023. The future of the premier agitates the Democratic Party

ROMA – For the moment it is only “a suggestion”: there are “such and so many variables in the field” that to start discussing them now “is completely premature”. Yet the scenario that some dem exponents are theorising in current seminars – that is, the possibility that it is Mario Draghi, in 2023, to succeed … Read more

“Totally irrelevant”, “Her priority is cannabis” – Libero Quotidiano

Another very hard conflict at a distance between Enrico Letta e Matteo Salvini. Once again, to open fire, to scare the theoretical ally is the secretary of the Democratic Party. An insult every day, as the Northern League has been denouncing for some time. During a meeting with journalists in Lamezia Terme, on the sidelines … Read more

Dario Franceschini, secretly aims at the Quirinale, but Enrico Letta does not forgive him for the betrayal with Matteo Renzi – Libero Quotidiano

Fausto Carioti September 12, 2021 “Franceschini’s revenge”, they call it in the Democratic Party. The person concerned has stopped intervening in the affairs of the party for months, concentrating on his own department. And when Dario Franceschini is silent, it is usually not a good sign for those who lead the Democrats. Also because he, … Read more

that’s why it is Enrico Letta and Pd who make the government tremble – Libero Quotidiano

Fausto Carioti 09 September 2021 It makes a distorted picture of the situation within the government alliance. It depicts an «unreliable» Matteo Salvini (word of Enrico Letta), engaged in «instrumental controversies» (Giuseppe Conte), undecided «whether to pursue Meloni or the good of the country» (Luigi Di Maio). A leader who when he votes on the … Read more

“The bitch of the day said about the vaccine today” – Libero Quotidiano

Vittorio Sgarbi, in a post published on his profile Twitter, attacks Enrico Letta who had proposed that “all candidates in the elections must be vaccinated”. The art critic is a river in full swing: “Even today the secretary of the Pd Letta”, Sgarbi comments, “won the competition ‘The bitch of the day’“. Evidently Sgarbi, consistent … Read more

to which chair the secretary of the Democratic Party – Libero Quotidiano says goodbye

Fausto Carioti July 15, 2021 There is a further trouble in this story of the positions held by Enrico Letta between 23 July 2015, when his term as deputy ended, and last 14 March, when he returned to Italian politics as secretary of the Democratic Party. It is not about the legitimacy of his actions, … Read more

Enrico Letta at the gas barrel. Pd without candidate in Calabria? “He tries with the former footballer”, that’s who he calls – Libero Quotidiano

In Calabria the victory of is taken for granted Roberto Occhiuto, candidate of Forza Italia. On the other hand, the opponents can not even find him, a candidate. Daily fact speaks of a “tragicomedy” with a minimum stake, or a seat in the opposition Council. Attempts are still underway to convince Nicola Irto, pushed to … Read more

here is who in the Democratic Party is ready to sink Enrico Letta – Libero Quotidiano

There has been an air of discontent in the Democratic Party for days tangled up in the Zan bill. Senator dem thought about it without worrying about the consequences Mino Taricco who voted in favor of scheduling the bill against homotransphobia in the classroom, but who has no intention of vote in a poke. He … Read more