Here is the new duo of lawyers who will ensure the succession of Sebastien Courtoy at the trial of the attacks

The day after the unexpected death of lawyer Sebastien Courtoy, some were quick to try to succeed him in the defense of the accused Smail Farisi, appearing free at the trial of the Brussels attacks. What also creates tensions within the Brussels bar, the relatives of the famous criminal lawyer who died of cardiac arrest … Read more

Australian nuclear submarine aims to ensure peace and stability = defense minister | Reuters

Australia’s Defense Minister Mars (pictured) said on March 9 that the country’s nuclear submarines are aimed at ensuring peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific, Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean. FILE PHOTO: Washington, D.C. July 2023. REUTERS/Sarah Silbiger [シドニー 9日 ロイター] – Australia’s Defense Minister Mars said on Thursday that the country’s nuclear submarines are … Read more

Iron deficiency? This way you ensure the ideal intake and absorption of iron

It is well known that as a runner you must have enough iron in your body. Iron is essential for the transport of oxygen. Oxygen that our muscles need to be able to run (very) fast. Getting enough iron from your diet is not always easy. We help you on your way. A certain diet, … Read more

Aksenov announced plans to build a reservoir in the Crimea to supply Yalta

In the Bakhchisarai region of Crimea, they can build the Martovskoye reservoir to provide Yalta with water, they want to create another one near Alushta, said the head of the Crimea, Sergei Aksenov. “Additionally, there may also be a Yalta reservoir – we will build Martovskoye in the Bakhchisaray district. But this is simply because … Read more

Honey.. 3 steps to ensure its quality and detect adulteration

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Do you have special ways to check the quality of honey? The Saudi Food and Drug Authority stated, in a tweet on Twitter, that these personal judgments are not proven or based on scientific foundations. The quality of honey can be determined by conducting advanced laboratory analyzes, including: Detection … Read more

The 4% rule. How to ensure a supply of money for the rest of your life? Can you imagine drawing money from your savings for the rest of your life and never running out of money? Does this sound like science fiction? It’s not like that, it offers exactly such an option

You can imagine drawing money from your savings for the rest of your life and never running out of money? Does this sound like science fiction? This is not the case, as the 4% rule offers exactly such an option. How is it possible? The 4% Rule states that if you withdraw 4% per year … Read more

When transferring the mortgage, we will also ensure that the interest rate drops, Air Bank promises

Air Bank is launching a new service called Rate Watcher from February. When transferring mortgages from another bank will guarantee people up to twelve months in advance that the interest rate will not rise above the agreed level before the withdrawal begins. And most importantly: when the market rate drops, the client automatically gets the … Read more

Escort at sea: the navigation police ensure the protection of gas carriers

The main tasks of the shipping police, as described by the federal police, are “policing in ports (around water), policing on water, border control (on and around water) and specialized support with experts and technical resources. “ According to the press service of the police, communicating figures arrested last December, “more than 350 people work … Read more

Aho and Nechas with two goals ensure Carolina’s victory, Sorokin dry – Hockey –

• Martin Nečas scored his first goal just 12 seconds before the end of regulation time, but in the first minute of overtime he brought the victory. Martin Necas is obsessed with OT winners — Carolina Hurricanes (@Canes) January 28, 2023 • Nečas is the best sniper of Carolina “Hurricanes” with 21 goals, while … Read more