After the diagnosis of cancer, financial stability was ensured by a payment from Allianz Lietuva

Benefits of insurance – at a critical moment Audronė Vaitkienė, Chief Financial Consultant of Allianz Lietuva Life Insurance UAB, assures that there are people who get comfortable with the idea of ​​insurance little by little. In the beginning, only life insurance is chosen, a little later – protection for injuries, inpatient treatment, and critical illnesses. … Read more

The renovation of energy-inefficient buildings should be ensured by the state, not the owners

The European Parliament adopted a proposal for measures to increase the pace of renovations and reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Some Czech politicians, however, do not like the wording, and they are actually supported by energy-efficient building expert Petr Holub, who says that the member states, not the building owners, must be responsible … Read more

Convenience for electricity market participants is ensured by the data exchange platform developed by ESO

The possibility to change the electricity supplier in one step, and for this to receive all the necessary customer data immediately, is an important condition for a convenient electricity market liberalization process and smooth functioning of the market. This is ensured by the data exchange platform developed by the company “Energijos skirmish operatorius” (ESO). Last … Read more

The correct reflection from the floor was ensured by the patchwork tiles in the apartment

Designer Kristýna Karešová and her husband Martin form a very capable tandem, and the result of their joint work under the banner of EGO Design is always somehow interesting and tasteful living. An example of this is a renovated apartment intended for rent. Although the author of the design of the apartment has an economic … Read more

The nut elite ensured that 5,000 people lost power in Hadeland – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

On Sunday morning, the power went out in large parts of Hadeland. Residents of both Gran, Jevnaker and Lunner were affected. More precisely, 5,376 customers were without power this morning. Installers from Glitre Energi Nett went to Transformer station, electrical installation that transforms (converts) the voltage on the power grid from one voltage level to … Read more

a worker who was mounting a pylon had his foot torn off

A terrible tragedy occurred this Tuesday at 9:20 a.m. A work accident occurred near the Florennes military base, in a company located on Route Charlemagne. A worker, busy assembling a pylon, had his foot torn off. It seems that once the metal structure was in motion, it hit the man’s foot. According to initial information, … Read more

An accident during the wedding ensured their happiness for life. But Martin Huba had to fight for his Dagmar

He is one of the most respected actors in Slovakia and his wife is among the dancing elite. Martin Huba and Dagmar Hubová they met as children, but only fell in love in college. The well-known actor already knew then that he would one day marry the girl he met in the lecture hall. But … Read more