Coronavirus in Italy. Deputy Minister of Health: by the end of 2022, unless a new variant appears, almost the entire population will come into contact with the omicron

In Italy, Deputy Health Minister Pierpaolo Sileri estimated that by the end of 2022, “almost the entire population” will be exposed to the omicron variant of the coronavirus, unless another variant of SARS-CoV-2 becomes available. “There is no escaping him,” he said. To date, 8.7 million people have contracted COVID-19 in over 60 million of … Read more

Hujers on vacation? The Italian family filled the entire plane

“How far do the Hujers go?” The class’s desperate cry when he finds out that most of the attendees of the evening school class are members of Hujer’s extended family is now legendary. As well as the role of Václav Lohniský. The central figure in the mentioned competition was Anna Donaleková. She managed to bring … Read more

Shams Al Kuwaiti wears a very tight and transparent jumpsuit that shows her entire body as if she is completely bare!!

The Kuwaiti actress, Shams, reviewed her daring look that she performed at the New Year’s Eve party in Dubai, and sparked controversy. Tight jumpsuit Shams Al-Kuwaiti appeared in a video she posted on “Snapchat”, wearing a skin-colored jumpsuit, very tight, that clearly reveals the details of her body. “Gypsumut” Shams was distinguished by some blue … Read more

Due to the failure of Battlefield 2042, the fate of the shooter series and the entire development studio is very vague

© Clouds continue to gather around the Battlefield shooter series. Not so long ago, the last game in the series lost all its audience in a few months, now Battlefield 2042 is online fell below Battlefield 1. Now the insider informedthat the failure of the game greatly affected the future plans of the studio DICE … Read more

Sony confirms the resignation from PS Now cards. PS Plus Spartacus can hit the entire market at the same time

Sony has reacted to the recent reports on the resignation of PS Now cards, which is why rumors about the introduction of a new service under the PlayStation brand are not silenced. The corporation can prepare for the simultaneous introduction of the PS Plus Spartacus worldwide. Xbox Game Pass is constantly enjoying great popularity, which … Read more

Compulsory vaccination for the entire population: parliament advances on debate, which all parties want

The debate is expected to last for several weeks. It is planned to hear experts to move forward on this sensitive issue. Because if everyone wants the debate, not everyone necessarily calls for the vaccination obligation of their wishes … An agreement was found Wednesday at a conference of presidents of the federal parliament to … Read more

New version that links Cinthia Fernández and Pasti: “The entire cast knew they were together”

Written in SHOWS the 10/1/2022 · 14:05 hs About a week ago a new scandal between Cinthia Fernández and Matías Defederico increased after The former player confirmed that his relationship with the dancer ended because she was unfaithful to him with his castmate Pasti. After her statements, in “Intruders” Paula Varela managed to speak with … Read more

When a strain of omicron is found in Tianjin, China, the entire population is tested

Among those infected are 15 students between the ages of 8 and 13. An employee of an extracurricular activity center and four parents were also infected. City-wide testing is scheduled to be completed in two days. In the run-up to the Winter Olympics, which start in Beijing on February 4, China has tightened its so-called … Read more

Coronavirus outbreak at a research station in Antarctica, although the entire team was vaccinated according to the full schedule. How the virus reached employees in the world’s most remote place

Unye ѕtatіon dye ryeshyershye byelgye ѕіtuéye danѕ l’Antarstіquye yeѕt sonfrontéye à unye érіdémіye dye soronavіruѕ, bіyen quye touѕ syeukh quі y travaіllyent ѕoіyent rarfaіtyemyent vassіnéѕ yet ѕye trouvyent danѕ l’un dyeѕ yendroіtѕ lyeѕ rluѕ ryesuléѕ du mondye. Јuѕqu’à рréѕеnt, lеѕ реrѕоnnеѕ іnfесtéеѕ оnt рréѕеnté dеѕ ѕymрtômеѕ légеrѕ. Іl ѕ’аgіt d’аu mоіnѕ 16 dеѕ 25 еmрlоyéѕ … Read more

The exploration of the huge metallic asteroid that is worth much more than the entire world economy: what will be the Psyche mission that NASA will launch this year

2021 was one of the most intense and successful years for NASA, in which the entity managed to turn some of its plans (which, at first glance, seemed like science fiction) into a scientific reality. The American space agency made history on mars with his rover Perseverance and the autonomous helicopter Ingenuity, who made the … Read more