Expert: The Entire Body’s Defense System Disappears When You Get Measles, Don’t Take It For granted

Losing the body’s defense system due to measles can even take years. <!– Array ( [0] => gaya-hidup [1] => info-sehat ) –> REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Dominicus Husada, Head of the Division of Pediatric Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University (Unair), said that many parents underestimate the disease. measles … Read more

Olympiacos, which controlled the entire match, did not stop R. Sorkin, but achieved victory

The victory in the EuroLeague was achieved by Piraeus Olympiacos (14/7), which is at home 95:89 (24:25, 27:11, 20:28, 24:26) defeated Tel Aviv “Maccabi” (11/10) basketball players. Maccabi stunned their opponents in the first half when they had a double-digit lead at 21-10 in the 6th minute. However, it was only an exception to the … Read more

An 1,800-year-old Roman city discovered in Luxor. Archaeologists: “An entire residential settlement, found intact”

An exceptional discovery for the place and for the conservation of the remains. An 1,800-year-old Roman city has been located at Luxor, the Thebes of the pharaohs, about 500 km south of Cairo. According to Egyptian archaeologists, it is “an entire residential city, found intact” on the east bank of the Nile. Dating back to … Read more

Ringo Čech spoke harshly on television: They destroyed an entire generation of comedians

According to František Ringo Čech (79), the previous regime was a dictatorship that he did not believe would ever end. The fears did not come true, but he considers the conditions that have arisen at Czech Television to be hardly totalitarian. The author of the third most successful play in Czech history (The Girl’s War), … Read more

Last generation wants to extend protest to “entire republic”.

Updated on 01/23/2023 16:07 The climate activist group of the so-called “Last Generation” wants to expand their protest from February. At a press conference, the group announced that they wanted to “interrupt everyday life” in even more places. They are demanding that the federal government introduce a social council. More breaking news The climate activist … Read more

[국제]France-Germany Summit…The entire German Cabinet is dispatched to Paris

Franco-German Leaders Commemorate 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Elysee For reconciliation between the two countries, the 1963 Elysee Treaty was signed. President of the French-German leaders, joint ministerial meeting The entire German cabinet visits Paris for a joint ministerial meeting <!– –> [앵커] Germany and France, the two great powers of Europe, met in … Read more

Consequence of the real estate crisis: Chinese billionaire loses almost his entire fortune

consequence of the real estate crisis Chinese billionaire loses almost all his fortune 01/20/2023 11:27 am The Chinese real estate group Evergrande is sitting on a huge debt mountain of 300 billion dollars. This is also noticeable in boss Hui Ka Yan’s wallet. Only a fraction of his fortune is left. The once flourishing Chinese … Read more

Sony Announces Entire Lineup for PlayStation VR 2 Release – Gaming – News

OLED is not necessarily better than LCD in VR. They both have advantages and disadvantages. Due to the sub-pixels of LCD, LCD looks sharper at the same resolution, for example. The Quest 2 and I think the Pro with it also supports 120Hz, although it is experimental. The Quest is HORIZONTAL 106 degrees and VERTICAL … Read more

He bought his girlfriend a chocolate and only had one hazelnut in the entire bar: This was answered by the company

19 one. 2023 – 4:00 p.m. Matt O’Boylea 28-year-old musician, bought his girlfriend a chocolate in a hurry, so he did not take the time to check how it came by touch. The bar Dairy Milk WholenutOf the brand Cadbury, It was bought in a supermarket. According to the product specifications, it is a smooth … Read more

Rare disease research: ‘If you look at what we do exactly, we cover the entire palette’

The National Narcolepsy Expertise Center is being formed from a collaboration between the LUMC and the Sleep-wake Center SEIN in Heemstede, with a small branch in Zwolle. Gert Jan Lammers, neurologist, professor of Sleep Disorders and medical head of SEIN, works here together with Rolf Fronczek, neurologist and somnologist or sleep expert at the LUMC. … Read more