Museum of Memory calls for editing Wikipedia entries on State violence sites | Arts and culture

Until October 4 the digital version of “Revealing Sites II”, a participatory instance that seeks to contribute to the gathering of historical and photographic information on sites and places of memory associated with the state violence that occurred in Chile between 1973 and 1990. It is an initiative that links citizens with content associated with […]

This week celebrates the world day of the well – Water that you don’t have to drink… Water that you have to take care of

Follow this blog Cundinamarca is a department that every time it is routed more towards the line of the well-being, thanks to its history, nature and landscapes; taking this into account, “He Visit Cundinamarca” joins the World Day of Wellness (GWD) that is celebrated the 13 of June and is commemorated in 150 countries. This […]