The government supports the encouragement to entrust car inspections to independent car repair shops

The government on Tuesday backed Ministry of Transport (MoU) proposal that the Road Safety Directorate (CSDD) car purchase services should be purchased and not provided themselves. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Cabinet of Ministers (CM) heard the informative report prepared by the MoU “On the concept of technical inspection service for 2021-2030”. The … Read more

“I entrust you with the health of Venezuela in the Poliedro”

Photo archive Nicolás Maduro announced on a national network that Antonio “Potro” Álvarez, former baseball player, singer and politician, will be in charge of the health of Venezuelans who will be isolated in the Polyhedron, The enclosure was adapted to receive approximately 1,200 covid-19 positive patients. “Foal, I entrust you with the health of the … Read more