In the future, “” will also have to indicate the date, time and other information of entry – in Latvia – News

Until now, the regulations provided that the information requirements of “” were scaled depending on whether a person is required to self-isolate after entry, and consequently only the minimum amount of information is accumulated. Taking into account the epidemiological situation abroad in relation to the prevalence of the Covid-19 omicron strain, the Health Department has … Read more

News, Entry ban | A record number were expelled from Norway last year

Nearly twice as many people were deported from the country during 2021, as the year before. It is a new record year. I recent statistics over forced returns for 2021, the Police Immigration Unit (PU) states that 18,791 people were deported throughout the year. In comparison, just over 10,000 were expelled in 2020. The reason … Read more

An Arab city begins today to prevent the entry of non-vaccinated people against Corona to government headquarters

All government agencies start in the UAE capital Abu DhabiFrom today, Monday, January 10, it is forbidden to enter the workplace for those who have not been vaccinated with “Covid” vaccines and those who do not receive the support dose, in order to strengthen precautionary measures and to preserve public health. The Government Support Department, … Read more

Andersone: Private transport entry fee could be introduced in the center of Riga during traffic jams – Road and law – Car

Anderson (JV) explained that a low-emission zone in the historic center of the capital is planned to motivate people to switch to public transport and use more environmentally friendly vehicles, thus reducing air pollution and making the environment healthier and more enjoyable to live and work in. Similar low-emission zones have already been identified in … Read more

Magda Gessler added a vacation entry. The fan reminded her of her money. She replied

You can find more news at Magda Gessler posted a photo on Instagram straight from Rajskich holidayswhere he is staying with his beloved. Star “Kitchenware revolution“She went with her husband Waldemar Kozerawski to Sri Lanka, and the landscape charmed her to such an extent that she decided to share her emotions with Instagram recipients … Read more

Premier League’s entry into the African Cup list: Salahmane has set off for the United States

Original title: Premier League into the African Cup list: Salahmane and the United States have set off On January 1, Beijing time, according to the “London Evening Standard” report, a total of the following Premier League players have been selected for the African Cup squad. Among them, the “hardest hit area” is naturally Liverpool, which … Read more

Denmark and Sweden introduce entry restrictions

Denmark and Sweden introduce requirements for the submission of a negative coronal test for entry into the two countries, regardless of vaccine status. Now Norwegians over the age of 15, who travel from Kristiansand to Hirtshals, and who do not have a residence in Denmark, must present a negative coronal test to enter the country. … Read more

Iran fears a sixth wave of contagion. Prohibits entry from Norway.

Believers are checked for corona on their way to prayer in Tehran. Iranian authorities are now banning entry from several European countries to prevent the spread of the omicron variant. Foto: Majid Asgaripour, Wana/Reuters/NTB People from Norway, Denmark, Great Britain and France are not allowed to enter Iran. They are afraid that Europeans will spread … Read more

Removes entry measures for countries from Africa

– Omikron has now established itself in many countries, including Norway. The Norwegian Directorate of Health and NIPH believe that it is no longer appropriate to retain specific measures aimed at travelers from these eight countries. Therefore, the special measures will be phased out, says Minister of Health and Care Services Ingvild Kjerkol in a … Read more

Belgian entry shortlists for Oscar for Best International Film

“Un monde”, released in English as “Playground”, tells the story of Nora and her big brother Abel. When Nora goes to first grade, she sees her big brother Abel being bullied on the playground. While her father wants her to speak, her brother wants her to be silent. Above all, Nora hopes to make new … Read more