They are lowered and the ships wait for an entry quota

Russia is the most relevant consumer of Ecuadorian banana as a country, with almost 20%: 50.3 million until August. Turkey is ranked third, after the United States. Then come Germany, China, Italy and the Netherlands. But they all have something in common: the excess fruit that has come from Central America and from Ecuador. “There … Read more

New investigations discover another route of entry of the covid in the organism that makes it more aggressive

The neuropilin-1 is a protein that is on the surface of human cells and that, according to new research in the journal Science, it may be decisive for the contagion of Covid-19 and that would also explain its high infectious level. It was already known that the ACE2 enzyme was essential in contagion, but now … Read more

COVID-19 Entry requirements and restrictions by province

Current situation as of Thursday, October 22 Chaco He requests that flights to that province be from October 25.Whoever wants to make use of this option is required to obtain the provincial permit proposed in the program called “Return Home” by entering the page of art. 11 of DNU N ° 792/20. In addition, … Read more

They discover a 2nd way of entry of the covid into the body that makes it so aggressive

Why is the coronavirus so easily spread? How is it possible that SARS-CoV-2 has an enormous capacity to infect any organ in the body? What to do to avoid it? All these questions are part of the same problem and are essential to advance the investigation against COVID. Since this week, scientists know much more … Read more

The Government of Boris Johnson prohibits entry into the United Kingdom to Europeans who have gone through prison

More information Duro already head. Without complex. And nothing of ‘menas’ like those that the socialist Pedro Sánchez cradles or understanding towards Romanian criminals, like those that swarm through the Spanish streets. The United Kingdom will prevent European citizens sentenced to more than one year in prison from entering its territory, once the free movement … Read more

The Government analyzes the replacement for the IFE

“We are looking at all the possible tools to generate aid that replaces the IFE and the ATP for those who stop receiving it. Credits at a subsidized rate is a possibility “, advanced the Minister of Labor, Claudio Moroni. “More than worried, we are busy with the economic situation. What the Government did is … Read more

Venezuela denies false information from Colombia on suspension of entry of compatriots by binational border – Vice Presidency of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Venezuela denies false information from Colombia on suspension of entry of nationals through binational border Given the false information disclosed by the Government of the Republic of Colombia about the alleged suspension of the entry of Venezuelan citizens to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela through the common border, the Minister of Popular Power for Foreign … Read more

Maduro prevented the entry of the Human Rights Commission into Venezuela

A delegation from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH) pretend move to Cúcuta there to meet with Venezuelan “victims” after this Tuesday could not board a flight to Caracas in Panama. “We have a plan B, go through Bogotá to reach the border in Cúcuta. We have called for people to come to Cúcuta … Read more

Colombian Soccer Federation and sponsors took youtubers to the game in Colombia – Barranquilla – Colombia

The surprise presence of entertainment in one of the preferential stands of the Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium, in the first meeting between the national teams of Colombia and Venezuela for the qualifying rounds for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, despite the biosecurity bans, has the country outraged Despite the fact that by order of the … Read more