Reminder: entry into application of the new restrictions for Benzophenone-3 and Octocrylene

Benzophenone-3Maximum authorized concentrationa) Products for the face, products for the hands and products for the lips, excluding products in the form of aerosols and pump sprays: 6%b) Body products, including products in the form of aerosols and pump sprays: 2.2%c) Other products: 0.5%Other RestrictionsFor products a) and b), no more than 0.5% to protect the … Read more

Ukraine Russia Online: Turkey could approve NATO entry for Finland without Sweden

Accelerated talks underway between Ukraine and its allies on Ukraine’s demands for long-range missileswhich, according to Kyiv, are necessary to prevent Russia from destroying Ukrainian cities. This was stated by the adviser to the Ukrainian president, Mychajlo Podoľak. Ukraine has received promises of Western battle tank supplies and is now scrambling to acquire fighter jets … Read more

How are modern cars with keyless entry stolen? And how to defend yourself?

Since the days of the wild 90s, only a fraction of vehicles are currently stolen in the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, it is still more than 2,000 cases per year. And with modern cars with keyless entry, theft can be easier than ever before. Especially if we take into account the carelessness or ignorance of most … Read more

FC Barcelona: Pumas terminates the contract of Dani Alves after his entry into prison

El lateral brasileo Dani Alvesin provisional prison after being accused by a woman of sexual assault, has been fired for his current club, the Cougars of Mexico. “Regarding the legal process facing the player Daniel Alves, and for which he is detained in Spain, we have determined to communicate the following: The Universidad Nacional club … Read more

They identify a key protein in the entry of certain viruses into cells

Scientists have identified a known cellular protein as a relevant factor for the entry of poxviruses into cells. Pathogens such as the one that causes the eradicated smallpox disease or the Monkeypox virus, which causes monkeypox, belong to this family of viruses. The finding could offer new targets for the development of antivirals. The work … Read more

“You took a drug test for her?!” .. The journalist Mai Al-Aidan asks the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior about the entry of the artist “Sherine” to perform a concert

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Kuwaiti journalist Mai Al-Aidan sent a message to the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait, about the fact that the Egyptian artist, Sherine Abdel-Wahhab, was subjected to a drug test before her big concert, which was revived. Al-Aidan wrote, through her official account on the social networking site, Twitter, a tweet saying, “The question … Read more

Hong Kong requests South Korea to lift entry restrictions on passenger planes…affecting dozens of flights

Hong Kong International Airport [연합뉴스 자료사진] The Hong Kong government has requested the Korean government to withdraw its entry restrictions on local flights. The Hong Kong government said in a statement last night, “We are very concerned that the Korean authorities have imposed restrictions on flights departing from Hong Kong to only land at Incheon … Read more

What happened after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine. Day 321 – Mir – Kommersant

The governor of the Belgorod region reported on the shelling of the city of Shebekino, there are victims. German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock paid an unannounced visit to Kharkiv. The G7 countries are considering two price ceilings for different oil products from Russia. In 2022, the Russian budget deficit amounted to 3.3 trillion rubles. How … Read more