They invite you to an entry-level online viticulture course

The trainer, Darío González Maldonado, will speak on basic topics for an initial level and will be held on Friday, November 20. Within the framework of the Provincial Government’s impulse to wine production in Chubut, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Industry and Commerce, led by Leandro Cavaco, summons entrepreneurs, producers and students of agricultural careers … Read more

How will entry-level students be assessed? The SEP issues criteria

Who will be in charge of the evaluation? The established criteria indicate that the evaluation will be in charge of the group teacher, both for preschool, primary and telesecundaria, and the subject teacher in secondary school. In case of absence, the director or director, supervisor or supervisor, may assume said attribution. The delivery of evaluation … Read more

TSMCS to sell entry-level chips to Huawei

Only in “mature technology” Finally one of Huawei’s partners will be able to work with them. TSMC it has had the approval of the United States to grant its services … but not everything is honey on flakes, since it has its limitations. TSBC is one of the companies that use patented technology in the … Read more

Qualcomm Announces 5G Entry-Level Smartphone SoC

With the Snapdragon 4-series scheduled for 2021, Qualcomm hopes to democratize 5G by offering a chip equipped with a 5G modem and intended for smartphones under 250 euros. Credit: Qualcomm While 5G support is still generally reserved for high-end smartphones, Qualcomm could soon democratize this technology by bringing it to inexpensive devices. For this, the … Read more