Envigado mourns a woman who was apparently killed by her ex-partner

He alleged femicide of a young mother in Envigado , south of the Aburrá Valley, causes consternation among the community and the Municipal Administration. The victim is a 35-year-old woman, who was attacked with a knife in her home, located in the glove box sector. Although the mother of the family was transferred to the […]

Young nurse died during a walk in the Angel Falls, in Envigado

Diana Marín, 23, was dedicated to saving lives at the hospital in Itagüí. The young nurse died after falling into an abyss when he was hiking in the place known as the Saint of the Angel, in Envigado. According to witnesses, when Diana was climbing a mountain an electric shock was registered and from the […]

23-year-old woman died in Envigado while hiking

In the morning hours of last Saturday Diana Marín, the young woman who died in the accident, went for a walk with one of her friends in the company of a small breed dog. Together they went to the El Vallano village, in Envigado, a place where the inhabitants of the municipality and tourists go […]

Controversy in Envigado school due to crossword that attacks Uribe and defends Santos – Medellín – Colombia

What was intended to be a celebration of the International Day of Peace at the La Paz Educational Institution, in Envigado (Antioquia), ended up sparking controversy. All for a crossword, which was part of a series of activities in a workshop for ninth grade students that a teacher gave her students as homework, which brought […]