These are the considerations of the Dax companies

Dusseldorf Germany’s companies wanted to transfer a dividend of over 45 billion euros to their shareholders after this year’s Annual General Meetings. Actually. The total is calculated from the corresponding proposals of the groups in their business deals for the past year and the annual press conferences. But after Dax newcomer MTU announced that the … Read more

Dax creates final spurt in the plus

Dusseldorf A little bit of the push of the brilliant day rally from the previous day the Dax saved on Wednesday – but not everything. The leading German index had risen by 4.5 percent in the morning and finally climbed in the late morning the daily high of 10,137 points. But then the stock market … Read more

Dax rises above 10,000 points

Dax curve View of the Dax curve in the Frankfurt trading hall. (Photo: dpa) Dusseldorf On the first day after the brilliant day rally, the mood on the German stock market was initially friendly on Wednesday: the Dax rose by 4.5 percent in the morning and climbed to 10,137 points by around 10:30 am. But … Read more