Why is there an epidemiological alert this 2023

Diphtheria turns on the alarms in Venezuela again. The Immunization Directorate of the Ministry of Health issued a epidemiological alert on diphtheria to call to vaccinate the general population against this disease, strengthen surveillance and maintain an active search for cases. According to a communication sent on February 27 to the health authorities, epidemiologists, and … Read more

National Academy of Medicine asked to increase vaccination coverage after epidemiological alert on diphtheria

The National Academy of Medicine urged the authorities to increase vaccination coverage in the country, after the Ministry of Health issued an epidemiological alert on diphtheria at the end of February. In it document Issued by the ministry, which is dated February 27 and is addressed to single health authorities, state directors, regional epidemiologists and … Read more

In Călărași, the epidemiological situation regarding acute viral respiratory infections and influenza is not exactly rosy

The epidemiological situation with acute viral respiratory infections and influenza is not exactly rosy in Călărași. In the first two weeks of 2023 in the Călărași district, an increase in the number of cases of acute viral respiratory infections was recorded, and the number of cases of flu and Covid-19 is maintained at a relatively … Read more

The UAE welcomes the establishment of the Epidemiological Prevention Fund

Normal She participated in the meeting of the Ministers of Finance and Health within the “Group of Twenty” November 13, 2022 17:20 pm reading 2 minutes Abu Dhabi: «The Gulf»The Ministries of Finance, Health and Community Protection participated in the second joint meeting of the Ministers of Finance and Health within the Group of Twenty … Read more

They perceive as deficient epidemiological surveillance

Juarez City.- Even though the most difficult part of the Covid-19 pandemic is over, the reality is that we have a poor epidemiological surveillance system, said Lorenzo Soberanes, a member of the Citizen Medical Committee. Given the seven out of ten cases of contagion that remained with consequences among Juarenses, the specialist said that it … Read more

update on the epidemiological situation as of September 27

In its daily bulletin on the epidemiological situation, the ministry also specified that the number of first-timers reached 24,905,099, that of people who received two doses amounted to 23,401,079, while 6,813,807 people received received three injections of the vaccine and 48,936 received the fourth dose. The new infection toll brings the total number of contaminations … Read more

Peru launches epidemiological alert for increase in dengue cases – Policy – RTP Madeira

The alert covers public and private health facilities “in view of the increase in cases and occurrence of dengue outbreaks in the country”. So far, 58,117 cases have been registered, a number far above the 30,873 cases last year, which had caused 28 deaths. According to official information, 87.53% of cases correspond to dengue without … Read more

Epidemiological update. Type 2 vaccine-derived poliovirus circulating in the United States: considerations for the Region of the Americas – PAHO/WHO

On September 13, 2022, the United States of America announced that polioviruses found in New York, both in the case of paralytic polio in an unvaccinated adult in Rockland County, and in several sewage samples from communities near the patient’s residence, meet the criteria for circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus (cVDPV). Given this situation, the Pan American … Read more

National Academy of Medicine asks the National Government to develop active epidemiological surveillance programs for Monkeypox

The National Academy of Medicine issued a statement this Sunday after the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the international outbreak of monkeypox (simian pox or monkeypox) as a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern”, putting it in the same category of urgency as the COVID-19 pandemic and polio eradication. “That decision should lead all … Read more

Lampedusa, many cases of cancer among the firefighters. The union calls for an epidemiological investigation: “We want truth for the dead”

Twelve deaths from cancer from 1986 to today, all of them fire fighters and all in service at the detachment of Lampedusa. The singular data is provided by the provincial secretary UilPa fire brigade Antonio Di Maltawhich in a letter sent to the prefect of Agrigento Maria Rita Cocciufaexpresses all his concern for what is … Read more