Ramadan series 2023 | The second episode.. “Al-Ahhar is still alive and returned to the neighborhood with a wedding.”

A short while ago, the second episode of the Al-Ajhar series, starring Amr Saad, started. The second episode of Al-Ahhar The events of the second episode of the Al-Ahhar series witnessed a surprise, which is the return of Al-Ahhar to the neighborhood after its people thought that he had died, and the people of the … Read more

Carla Haddad’s first comment after the Sakka episode in “Ramez Never End”: “Sorry, Sakka.”

07:58 PM Friday, March 24, 2023 Books – Marwan Al-Tayeb: The Lebanese media, Carla Haddad, published a photo through her official account on “Instagram”, during which she appeared, accompanied by the artist Ahmed El Sakka, behind the scenes of the second episode of the “Ramez Never End” program. Carla commented on her photo with El-Sakka, … Read more

Watch the Al-Ajhar series, Episode 2, Ramadan 2023

Last updated Friday, March 24, 2023 Al-Ahar series Welcome, dear visitors, to the Turkey website now. In the following report, we present to you all the details related to the second episode of the Al-Ahhar series. Al-Ajhar series, episode 2, second In the previous episode of the series, we watched Youssef Al-Ajhar’s pursuit of some … Read more

Love, Glory and Beauty/Top Models, episode broadcast on March 24, 2023 on Cbs in the USA | Abstracts

Sheila is at Deacon’s, she shows him the engagement ring that Bill would like to put on her finger. Deacon is impressed because it’s a black diamond, just like Bill’s heart… He concludes that he really wants to marry her, Sheila confesses that she can’t believe Bill is so kind and generous . Deacon advises … Read more

Dates and channels for showing the series Urgent Reveal, episode two, in Ramadan 2023

Yesterday, the watch it platform showed the first episodes of the series “Reveal Urgent”, starring Mustafa Khater and Mohamed Abdel Rahman “Tota”. The first episode is a quick reveal The first episode of an urgent examination witnessed Youssef “Mustafa Khater” going to a psychiatrist, “Siham Ezz Al-Rijal”, Muhammad Abdel-Rahman, and asked him to treat him … Read more

The date of the presentation of Tash Ma Tash, episode 2, with Nasser Al-Qasabi, and the channels broadcasting the correct frequencies

The Tash Ma Tash series is one of the very wonderful Gulf series, and it has gained great fame since it was shown, but this series stopped showing for a long period of time, it lasted for 12 years, but it returned again to compete in the 2023 Ramadan race, and there was great competition … Read more

Tonight, the date of the Othman series, episode 119, will be shown in full, with subtitles, on the Algerian Al-Fajr channel, in HD quality

The date of the Osman series, episode 119 The date of the Othman series, episode 119. Searches have increased by many witnesses and devotees of the Turkish series during the past hours for the date of the presentation of episode 119 of the famous Turkish series, the resurrection of the founder Othman, and many viewers … Read more

The date of the presentation of the founder Othman series, Episode 119, and the frequency of the Arab channels broadcasting the series

Fans of the founder Osman series are waiting for a new episode, which will be shown today on several Arab channels. This was after last Wednesday episode 119 of the series was shown on the Turkish “ATV” channel, and that was at exactly eight o’clock in the evening Cairo time, then several Arab sites translated … Read more

Love, Glory and Beauty/Top Models, episode broadcast on March 22, 2023 on Cbs in the USA | Abstracts

In Bel Air, Sheila drinks her coffee on the balcony. Back in the living room, she stops for a moment to look at herself in a mirror, without suspecting for a second that she is under surveillance… Indeed, from the FBI’s operations room, numerous cameras installed in Bill’s residence are riveted on her. Watching him, … Read more

Watch or listen to a new episode of Wielerclub Wattage | Cycling Club Wattage

Mark Uytterhoeven had to fill in again in Wielerclub Wattage. This time not for Tom Boonen, but for Jan Bakelants who is still gasping for breath after Milan-Sanremo. “Jeanke” was missed, but luckily Dirk De Wolf was able to ease the pain. Watch or listen to a new episode. Also in this episode of Wielerclub … Read more