Owner exposure: China Hongqi Automobile H9 is “industrial waste” | FAW | Hongqi H9 | FAW-Volkswagen

[Epoch Times News on May 3, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Li Jing) The Red Flag sedan was once an exclusive vehicle for senior officials at or above the provincial and ministerial level of the Chinese Communist Party. It was recently launchedHongqi H9It has been touted by the Chinese Communist Party’s official media as the … Read more

It’s rare to see Hubble witness the formation of a new giant planet | Hubble Space Telescope | Epoch Times

[Epoch Times News on May 3, 2021]The National Space Administration (NASA)Hubble Space Telescope(Hubble Space Telescope) recently captured a rare astronomical event, a planet about the size of Jupiter and still forming, it is absorbing material around a young star. Brendan Bowler of the University of Texas Austin said: “We don’t know much aboutGiant planetHow is … Read more

Wang Qiaoyin also won awards for writing songs in low tide, revealing to appreciate 2 male stars | Hakka pop music | Reach out to touch the moonlight

[Epoch Times April 30, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) Taiwanese singer-songwriterWang QiaoyinCompose a song “Reach out to touch the moonlight“, get 2020Hakka pop musicThe second prize song of the contest, the MV was filmed a few days ago, Wang Qiaoyin showed super acting skills, even the director Zhang San praised her for her … Read more

Focusing on young people, the CCP sends out idols to push red movies after 00

[EpochTimesApril292021](Epoch Times reporter Huang Yun reported) The CCP celebrates its centenary party, and young people have become the focus of the CCP’s “red education”.The Chinese Communist Party’s official “People’s Daily” rarely promotes young idol celebritiesRed movie“Xiaobing Zhang Ga“Wait. Some comments stated that the CCP could not provideAnti-Japanese heroPut it on the screen, you can only … Read more

SpaceX and the City of Long Beach have signed a contract to recover rockets at the port | Port of Long Beach | Rocket Recovery | Space Beach

[Epoch Times April 28, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Fang Ping compiled a report) Long Beach City announced on Monday (April 26) that the aerospace company SpaceX was refusing to cooperate withLos AngelesHong Kong has signed a contract with the city one year after the renewal of the contract, and the company has decided toPort of Long … Read more

【Community Activities】April 23rd ~ May 6th Event Preview | Artwork | Backyard | Jazz Festival

[Epoch Times News on April 22, 2021](Compiled by reporter Xiao Yao) April 23 ~ May 6community activityAt a glance 1· Beacon Original Art Annual springartworkThe two-day event of the sales exhibition is free to participate. Every day there are more than 20 handicrafts and exquisite works of artists including paintings, jewelry, glass, photography, ceramics, sculptures … Read more

Inside story of Jack Ma’s robbery: Luxurious dinner provokes the limelight, Liu He | Xi Jinping | Alibaba

[EpochTimesNewsonApril192021](Epoch Times reporter Xu Jian comprehensive report) Once very popularAlibabaFounderMa Yun, Is now being “rectified” by the CCP. Foreign media revealed in detail how Ma Yun followedXi JinpingHe was fined 18.228 billion yuan, and his fate was still precarious. British media “Financial Times” published an article on April 15 entitled “The Disappearing Rich:Ma YunHow to … Read more

Difficult to get along with players “madman” Mourinho fired by Tottenham | Premier League | Dismissal

[Epoch Times News on April 20, 2021](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Li Rongshi)Premier LeagueTottenhamThe club officially announced a few days ago that the Portuguese coachMourinho(Jose Mourinho) and his coaching staff “off get out of class”. The English media generally believe that he was fired because of the tension with the players, but “mad Men“It … Read more

The Chinese Communist Party claims that the economy has increased by 18.3%. Foreign media: only half of the story is said

[Epoch Times News on April 16, 2021](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Xu Jian) ​​April 16,Statistics Bureau of the Communist Party of ChinaWeighthe first seasonThe economy has grown by 18.3% year-on-year. According to overseas experts, the economy in Mainland China is actually slowing down. The digital gimmick hides the continued fragility and imbalance of the … Read more

Photos: UEFA Cup quarter-final second round Manchester United advancement with a total score of 4:0 | Granada | Second round

[Epoch Times News on April 16, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Lin Zirong) April 15, Manchester, UK, 2020/21 seasonEuropa LeagueQuarter-finalssecond round, Premier League Manchester United (referred to as “Manchester United”) and SpainGranadaThe team’s game was held at the Old Trafford stadium. Manchester United beat Granada 2:0, and Manchester United won the promotion with a total … Read more