New study finds that dark matter-free galaxies are 250 million light-years away from Earth | Dwarf galaxies | Epoch Times

[Epoch Times January 10, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Di Rui compiled a report) The mainstream universe model believes thatDark matterIt is an important component of each galaxy. However, new research has found that a galaxy about 250 million light-years away from Earth is as large as the Milky Way, and there is absolutely no evidence … Read more

Only one set of Shenzhen’s first new property sold this year | Shenzhen property market | new homes | mainland property market

[Epoch Times January 07, 2022]The first-tier mainland city of Shenzhen only sold one set of the first property market to open this year. Some people in the industry are rightNew houseThe sales situation is cautiously expected. According to a report by China Business News on January 7th, in 2022, the first new building in Shenzhen, … Read more

Astronomers found a giant cloud belt across the Milky Way | Hydrogen cloud belt | Largest celestial structure

[Epoch Times News on January 8, 2022](Compiled and reported by Epoch Times reporter Di Rui)astronomerFindMilky WayInside a hugeHydrogen Cloud Belt, Discovered so far in the Milky WayLargest celestial structureone. Although it is only a hydrogen cloud now, scientists believe that this may be a place where new stars will be born in the future. Milky … Read more

CCP issues 13 fines to Internet giants such as Tencent and Ali | Alibaba | Bilibili | Sequoia Yuchen

[Epoch Times News on January 6, 2022]On January 5, the General Administration of Market Supervision of the Communist Party of China issued a “Antitrust“For the reason, yesTencent, Ali and other Chinese Internet giants issued 13 tickets in a row. Subsequently, the A-share market saw a collective sell-off, and many big bull stocks stopped falling. The … Read more

“Tax Compensation Tide” Expanded E-commerce Experts “Cut Leeks” by the CCP | JD | Knowing | Tmall

[Epoch Times News on January 4, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Li Jing comprehensive report) The Chinese Communist Party launched an Internet celebrity anchor last monthpay an overdue taxAfter the tide,E-commercetalentIt has also become the focus of the authorities for tax recovery.Recently, many e-commerce experts have received huge amounts from the governmentpay an overdue taxThe notice has … Read more

Shenzhou Ningbo factory workers infected with the epidemic: tens of thousands of employees were quarantined | Shenzhou International | CCP virus | Order transfer

Industry: Customers may have to transfer orders elsewhere [Epoch Times News on January 4, 2022](Interviews by Epoch Times reporters Hong Ning and Liu Yi) On January 3, a well-known textile foundry giant in mainland ChinaShenzhou InternationalGroup Holdings Co., Ltd. issued an announcement stating that because the groupNingboInfection of employees in Beilun DistrictChinese Communist virus(Wuhan pneumonia),NingboPart … Read more

BTS member SUGA has recovered from the infection and released from isolation at noon on the 3rd | Min Yoon Ki | BTS

[Epoch Times News on January 3, 2022](Compiled and reported by The Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin) Today (3rd), the popular Korean boy groupBTS(BTS) the affiliated brokerage company BIGHIT MUSIC announced that SUGA (Min Yonqi) Has been judged to be cured and the quarantine was lifted at 12 noon Korean time today (January 3). SUGA, which … Read more

Korea’s largest cosmetics group closes 80% of stores in China | Amorepacific | Innisfree | Withdrawal

[Epoch Times News on January 3, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Li Jing comprehensive report) Since the “THAAD incident”,South KoreaEnterprises are generally cold in the Chinese market.Among them, the Korean cosmetics giantAmorepacific(Amorepacific Corporation)’s brandInnisfree(Innisfree) is currently in the Chinese marketWithdrawalThe rate has exceeded 80%. In fact, almost all foreign-funded cosmetics companies in China have recently withdrawn from … Read more

Premier League’s first four catch and fight Manchester City’s narrow victory over the red and blue war undecided | Arsenal | Liverpool | Chelsea

[Epoch Times News on January 3, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Li Rongshi comprehensive report) January 1-2, local time, the 21st round of the 2021-2022 English Premier League, played in the top four teams in the standings Catch and fight. “Leader”Manchester CityIn stoppage time, he fluke 2:1 to reverse the fourth place in the away game.Arsenal.Second placeChelseaAt … Read more

What is the meaning behind the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection beat Sam’s Club Store | Walmart | Xinjiang Act

[Epoch Times January 1, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Lin Yan interviewed and reported) The highest disciplinary inspection agency of the Communist Party of China issued a document attacking Sam’s Club, a US retail company, showing the profound changes in China’s domestic political and economic environment. From the politically charged boycott of H&M to Intel, the … Read more