Introducing the world’s most luxurious and aerodynamic electric car, the Mercedes-Benz EQS

Not only does this model stand out with its cutting-edge technology, unique design and exceptional functionality, it is also the first model to be built on a modular platform for luxury and business-class cars. More focus on sustainability Through its Ambition 2039 initiative, Mercedes-Benz aims to offer a new fleet of carbon-neutral cars over the … Read more

Mercedes-Benz EQS: ‘Spaceship’ from Stuttgart opens a new era – News – Auto

Stuttgart has finally unveiled its electric flagship. It really doesn’t have much in common with other Mercedes. It acts as a revelation from space. It is supposed to cover 770 km on a single charge! He’s Tesla’s “killer.” The front blind mask can have a 3D star motif inspired by the logo of the original … Read more

Introducing the Mercedes-Benz EQS, the first luxury electric car

increased focus on sustainability As part of its Ambition 2039 initiative,Mercedes-BenzAims to offer a new fleet of carbon-neutral cars over the next 20 years. Until 2030 The company intends to supply more than half of the vehicles sold with electric motors – it will offer fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids. The manufacturer already pays … Read more

EQS is Mercedes’ electric flagship. It recharges at 300 km in 15 minutes

Mercedes-Benz carmaker a few weeks ago revealed the inside of the EQS model, in which customers will be able to choose between a “regular” touch screen in the middle of the dashboard and a spaceship-like panel that is almost entirely covered by touch screens. Now we have the exterior of the car in front of … Read more

Mercedes formalizes its EQS electric sedan, with 770 km of range

Home » Automobile » Mercedes formalizes its electric sedan EQS, with 770 km of autonomy Powerful, futuristic but above all very autonomous, the new Mercedes EQS electric sedan could establish itself as the direct competitor of Elon Musk’s Tesla Model S. ©Mercedes On the sidelines of the giant Tesla, the manufacturer Mercedes knew that it … Read more

Mercedes-Benz EQS World Premiere | Lead

At the time, Mercedes was ringing its new electric flagship with the world’s largest digital dashboard, and the gigantic display is truly impressive, but the EQS raises the bar in all other respects in such a car that a 141-centimeter-wide, three separate, but a Hyperscreen that includes a coordinated display. A book on EQS capabilities … Read more

Mercedes-Benz EQS: battery 108 kWh, range 770 km. Will it be enough?

Daimler has fully unveiled the Mercedes-Benz EQS electric car. It offers interesting parameters, comparable to the competition. Mercedes-Benz EQSphoto: Mercedes-Benz Elektromobil Mercedes-Benz EQS offers the aerodynamic coefficient cd = 0.20, which makes it currently the most aerodynamic car in the world. Thanks to this, the battery with a capacity of 107.8 kWh (396 V) can … Read more

Mercedes has introduced a luxury electric top. The new EQS offers a range of almost 800 kilometers

Daimler AG plays the game in the top electric league and launches its luxury electric sedan Mercedes-EQ EQS with overall dimensions of 5216 x 1926 x 1512 mm. So far, in the first two versions, both run at 210 km / h, are about 2.5 tons heavy and offer the highest possible degree of luxury … Read more

The electric Mercedes EQS reveals technology. With these parameters he heads to the extra league

Even before the official world premiere, Mercedes’ electric flagship is shown in a series of masked images. And to make matters worse, the silver arrows also bid on some technical information. Mercedes will present its flagship electric car on April 15, and we should meet the first pieces on the roads during August. The carmaker … Read more