They re-manufacture the mythical Ferrari Testarossa and equip it with a telephone inside

The classic cars They are in fashion, both to enjoy driving them and to take them as an investment alternative. That is also why many brands have decided revive some of its historical models. In this case, it is a small company that has decided to re-produce one of the Ferrari most remembered in all … Read more

4 tips for students to equip themselves well

Distance, hybrid, videoconferencing … The health crisis has introduced into the daily vocabulary these words which reflect the digital turn taken by theHigher Education, forced to adapt his courses far from campuses. Today, studying without a computer or tablet has become inconceivable, so many millions of students and teachers have remained connected thanks to digital … Read more

Samsung is to equip Tesla’s Cybertruck with camera technology

According to media reports, Tesla has apparently placed an order worth half a billion US dollars with the tech group Samsung. It’s about technology for the planned cybertrucks. Two really big guys are working together: Future drivers of Tesla’s cybertrucks should see the world behind them thanks to rear-view mirror technology from Samsung. The two … Read more

the console is so powerful that its chip will equip gamer PCs

Read laterSavedFollow #console#console Tracking Sony had worked in conjunction with AMD to create a graphics chip next-gen ready. With the latter, the new generation consoles were to eclipse the old PS4 / Xbox One… and it is not for nothing that the Xbox Series X uses the same. The power is such thatAMD announced that … Read more

Indoor exercise: where to equip ourselves (with discount) to train

With no gyms in sight, training at home is the new form of exercise. Club benefits to enhance physical activity. Tutorial videos with exercise routines, YouTube channels dedicated to the fitness, health professionals who teach classes online and sports applications with weekly training sessions are some of the new modalities that Argentines have been adopting … Read more

RAM: DDR5 memory is ready to equip PCs

DDR5 memory modules will begin to succeed DDR4 used at all levels of IT equipment, with promises of performance and capacities increasing and power consumption reduced. The JEDEC consortium has ad this beginning of the week the publication of the final technical specifications of the future DDR5 memory modules (Samsung had shown a prototype for … Read more