Kroll erased screens: “We have no problem with his drawings”, defends the RTBF

The debates illustrated by Pierre Kroll are over. But if the cartoonist has projects compatible with the new codes of television to propose, the RTBF does not exclude other forms of collaboration with him. Pierre Kroll announced Wednesday in a video and in The evening , that he would no longer draw live for RTBF … Read more

actress Zhao Wei “erased” in the middle of the campaign against “toxic” celebrities

Social networks hate emptiness and since Thursday evening, the question has been on all keyboards in China: “Where is Zhao Wei?” His name has disappeared from the search engines; the same goes for the hashtag referring to the star’s news or the link to his fan club; it is still impossible to find the TV … Read more

the electric-assisted bicycle has “erased certain obstacles” and made it possible to widen the public on the roads

What is the contribution of electric assistance to the bicycle and more particularly when it comes to walks and tourism? Needless to say, sales of electric bicycles have increased in recent years and especially since the start of the health crisis, and it shows everywhere, whether in town or on walks. ►►► Read also : … Read more

Evidence of past life on Mars may have been erased

Enzo Campetella 22 Jul 6 min The Curiosity robot discovered that evidence of past life on Mars may have been erased. At the same time, it opened the possibility that that life is in the subsoil. A new study by the NASA has come to the conclusion that traces of ancient life may have been … Read more

The cryptocurrency market erased nearly $ 100 billion in just 24 hours

“We are witnessing a large sell-off in global markets, in general all risky assets are weakening,” said Annabelle Huang of Amber Group, which provides financial services for cryptocurrency markets. She emphasized that cryptocurrencies, led by bitcoin, are considered a very risky asset. “The weakening of bitcoin has sent down the entire cryptocurrency market,” she added. … Read more

New Study, Evidence of Ancient Life on Mars May Have Been Erased – All Pages

NASA Photo titled ‘Martian Dunes Flying in Formation’ (Martian Dunes in Flying Formation). One of the stunning photos on the surface of the Planet Mars. A new study from the United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) found that evidence of ancient life may have been erased from Mars. The findings are based on the … Read more

Was the evidence of life on Mars erased? | International | News

Curiosity discovers new things in its exploration on the red planet. German wave July 19, 2021 – 06:07 PM NASA’s Curiosity rover appears to have hit a surprising discovery on the Red Planet: According to a new space agency study, evidence of ancient life may have been removed from Mars. The discovery comes as the … Read more

VIDEO. “Not a trace was left.” Raquel Vargas erased the past with a new tattoo

The presenter shared one more step on her way to definitive healing, after openly declaring that she was the victim of an abusive partner. Look at the beautiful tattoo that replaces the footprints of your ex. Excited and grateful, this is how the presenter of “Viva la Mañana”, Raquel Vargas, was perceived in her most … Read more

Curiosity rover finds pieces of erased stone logs, revealing clues

A selfie of NASA’s Curiosity rover taken at Sol 2082 (June 15, 2018). A Martian dust storm reduces sunlight and visibility at the rover’s site at Gale Crater. Credit: JPL A new paper enriches scientists’ understanding of where the rock record has preserved or destroyed evidence of Mars’ past and possible signs of ancient life. … Read more

‘Running Man’, who confessed to the crisis of abolition, completely erased Lee Kwang-soo’s vacancy

A scene from.” /> ▲ A scene from SBS that aired on the 4th. ⓒ SBS It’s been a long time since the members had a lot of fun. SBS, which aired on the 4th, was decorated with the theme of ‘the day of breaking up’ (‘clearing the grind’ is a vulgar term for a … Read more