WC hockey 2023 | Erbanová also fulfilled her dream in hockey: It’s amazing that I can compete with the best

“If someone had told me four years ago that I would take home a hockey medal, I certainly would not have believed them. But I’m really happy that my body still works great. And the head also wants to work,” 29-year-old Erbanová enjoyed. This striker made her debut in the Czech national team in Olympic … Read more

Erbanová will not go to the Olympics as a hockey player, she did not get to the final nomination

Twenty-one hockey players, who took part in the women’s national team’s progress to the Olympic Games in November, coached coach Pac Pacina in the final nomination for the February tournament in Beijing. The bronze Olympic speed skating medalist Karolína Erbanová and Andrea Trnková did not fit into the squad, and Tereza Vanišová and Michaela Pejzová … Read more

Former speed skater Erbanová scored in the hockey team for the first time

Karolína Erbanová on the archive picture repro Hockey stick TV Pacina will not announce the final nomination of the hockey players who will be fighting for the premiere participation in the women’s Olympic tournament until Wednesday, when they must report the final list. The qualification will be played on November 11-14 in Chomutov. The opponents … Read more