You Will Be Dumb When You Hear The Story Of The Woman Who Leaving Her Children With Her Mother And Escaped From TikTok With The Person She Met

In the program hosted by Esra Erol, we encounter stories that shock us every day. Tuğçe Türkoğlu’s story emerged when her husband participated in the ‘Esra Erol’da program and we learned that Tuğçe Türkoğlu ran away with the user she met on TikTok. As the events that followed unfolded, we were stunned. If you are … Read more

Escaped Australian prisoner turns himself in after nearly 30 years | Abroad

A 63-year-old man turned himself in to Australian police after escaping from prison 30 years ago. He reported because he had become homeless due to the corona pandemic, reports ABC News. Darko Desic was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for growing marijuana. He had served thirteen months of his sentence when he ran off … Read more

Ha Jung-woo, who escaped the prison sentence of propofol, proceeds as he claims economic loss

Enter 2021.09.15 07:49 Edit 2021.09.15 07:49 Received a fine of 30 million won in the first trial“I humbly accept it.”Freed from imprisonment and can be active Actor Ha Jung-woo / Photo = Yonhap News Actor Ha Jung-woo (43, real name Kim Seong-hoon), accused of illegally administering propofol, was sentenced to a fine. It is noteworthy … Read more

Earth Just Escaped An Asteroid Threat As Big As A Truck

JAKARTA – A asteroid the size of a truck whizzed over planet Earth just hours after it was first discovered. The asteroid passes closer to Earth’s surface than a ring of large communications satellites in orbit. The space rock is categorized as asteroid 2021 RS2 and is between 7 and 17 feet (2.1 and 5.2 … Read more

Six Palestinian prisoners who escaped from a prison by digging an underground tunnel are being sought in Israel

On Sunday night, six Palestinian inmates escaped from Gilboa Prison, a maximum security prison in northern Israel, by digging a tunnel under the bathroom floor of their cell. The escape resulted in an extensive search operation by the Israeli police and army, which is still ongoing and is taking place throughout the north of the … Read more

Six Palestinian prisoners escaped from an Israeli prison through this hole

Israeli police are investigating the hole where the six prisoners are said to have come out. Foto: Gil Eliyahu, Reuters / NTB scanpix ISTANBUL (Aftenposten): A large-scale hunt with drones and helicopters is now taking place in the West Bank. 6. sep. 2021 17:25 Last updated just now The hole barely looks big enough for … Read more

Colbrelli escaped the Binck Bank Tour and leads before the final stage

After a long escape, the incumbent Italian champion Sonny Colbrelli won the penultimate sixth stage of the Binck Bank Tour and took the lead in the overall standings. The successful day of the Bahrain Victorious stable was underlined by the Slovenian Matej Mohorič, who is behind Colbrelli in the ongoing evaluation. Petr Vakoč at the … Read more

Operation London Bridge. Plans for the funeral of British Queen Elizabeth II have escaped.

D-Day. This is how the day when Queen Elizabeth II of Britain dies is marked in secret documents for Operation London Bridge. Although some details of the plans for events on the day of her death, and in the days that followed, had previously leaked to the public, the Politico server has now obtained further … Read more