They criticize Piñera’s decision not to sign the Escazú Agreement

He ex-chancellor, Heraldo Muñoz, He criticized the Government for its decision not to sign the Regional Agreement on Access to Information, Public Participation and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters in Latin America and the Caribbean, known as the Escazú Agreement. The environmental legal treaty was promoted by Chile in the previous government of Sebastián […]

President Piñera in his own world: before the UN he focuses on the environment without mentioning Escazú and defends his management in the pandemic and social outbreak

A speech with a lot of focus on the environmental issue, but without mentioning the resistance of his Government to the signing of the Escazú Agreement, a new insistence with the letter from Venezuela, and a fierce defense of its management for the management of the pandemic and front the social outbreak marked the intervention […]

Greenpeace and Escazú: “President Piñera has deceived the country”

He National Director of Greenpeace, Matías Asun, he harshly questioned the Government, after it was announced that Chile will not sign the regional environmental legal treaty known as the Escazú Agreement. “With the intervention in Congress by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrés Allamand, and the Minister of the Environment, Carolina Schmidt, where they tried […]

Greenpeace assured that “the government of President Piñera has deceived the country” after refusing to sign the Escazú agreement

He National Director of Greenpeace Chile, Matías Asun, assured that “the government of President Piñera has deceived the country”, then what confirm that the Executive will not sign the Escazú agreement, which contemplates a series of protocols for the protection of the environment. About, Asun indicated that “it is confirmed that the government of President […]

Piñera’s rejection of Escazú fills Girardi’s patience: senator assures that “we are experiencing a dictatorship in environmental matters”

The government’s refusal to sign the Escazú Agreement continues to generate criticism from opposition parliamentarians. But the criticisms have not stopped there, since they increased after the Executive presented a veto on the Pro Investment bill, which has already been approved by Congress. The latter filled the patience of Senator PPD Guido Girardi, who harshly […]