Angle: The Chinese government cannot protect the elderly, and the bereaved families of corona victims are angry | Reuters

BEIJING (Reuters) – Former high school teacher Ayria was devastated. His 85-year-old father died after showing symptoms of what he believed to be COVID-19. The virus is spreading in the southeastern province of Jiangxi, where the family lives. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people will start moving in time for the Lunar New Year holidays, … Read more

Focus: Is the torture of civilians organized on a large scale, Kherson under Russian military occupation | Reuters

KHERSON, Ukraine (Reuters) – Oksana Minenko is a 44-year-old accountant living in the southern Ukraine city of Kherson. She said she was detained and tortured many times during the Russian military occupation of the city. On January 12, Oksana Minenko is a 44-year-old accountant living in the southern Ukraine city of Kherson. He says he … Read more

Angle: Electric power support to Ukraine in winter, Eastern European countries holding the key | Reuters

Vilnius/Warsaw (Reuters) – A giant transformer built in Ukraine in the 1980s and now disused is being dusted and ready to leave here in Lithuania. He will probably head to Romania in the next few weeks and from there return home to Ukraine. On December 21st, a giant transformer, built in Ukraine in 1980 and … Read more

Pfizer’s corona oral drug, online sales in China sold out immediately | Reuters

On December 13, Chinese online drug sales company Inc. began selling Pfizer’s novel coronavirus oral treatment Paxlobide. A photo of the Pfizer logo. FILE PHOTO: Pourse, Belgium, June 2, 2022. REUTERS/Johanna Geron BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese online drug retailer Inc. has launched sales of Pfizer’s new coronavirus oral treatment Paxlobide on Wednesday. This … Read more

Russia considers three options, including ban on oil sales Receiving crude oil price cap = local newspaper | Reuters

BEIJING (Reuters) – Russia is weighing three options, including banning oil sales to some countries, to counter oil price caps set by the West on Dec 7, 2020. FILE PHOTO: Vladivostok, Russia, March 3, 2022. REUTERS/Tatiana Meel [7日 ロイター] – Russia is considering three options, including banning oil sales to some countries, to counter oil … Read more

Angle: Saudi Crown Prince’s technique for utilizing China, U.S. restraint and unique diplomacy | Reuters

RIYADH (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s crown prince seized the opportunity of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Saudi Arabia this week to consolidate his position as a leader in the Middle East and launch a unique diplomacy that distances him from the United States I’m trying to show you the route. Saudi Arabia’s powerful Crown … Read more

Angle: Russians evacuated to Georgia do not rush to return home after mobilization | Reuters

TBILISI (Reuters) – A month has passed since Russia announced the completion of the partial mobilization of its troops to invade Ukraine. But many Russian men who fled to neighboring Georgia to escape the call-up say they are in no hurry to return home. On November 28, one month after Russia announced the completion of … Read more

Column: Europe’s suspension of imports of Russian light oil, success or failure in China | Reuters

LAUNCHESTON, Australia (Reuters) – If European nations get serious about banning all imports of Russian oil and refined petroleum products by early next year, the key to success will be Asia, with more Specifically China. 13 Sept. If European nations are serious about halting all imports of Russian crude oil and refined petroleum products by … Read more

Focus: US 2-10 Year Bond Yield Reversal, Is Recession Really Coming | Reuters

[New York, 29th Reuters]–A “reverse yield” phenomenon occurred in the US Treasury market on the 29th, when the yield of 2-year bonds exceeded that of 10-year bonds. As a result, many people are worried that the recession of the US economy is finally approaching. On March 29, a “reverse yield” phenomenon occurred in the US … Read more

Russian ruble rises, down 8% in week | Reuters

The Russian ruble rose against the dollar on March 11th and 11th in the foreign exchange market. On the other hand, the price dropped by about 8% in the week. The photo was taken in March 2015 (2022 Reuters / Dado Ruvic) [Reuters]–Russian ruble rises against the dollar in the foreign exchange market on the … Read more