ESO goes on the hunt for gravitational wave emitting kilonovae

Almost eight years after the direct detection of the first gravitational waves, we are still only at the beginning of the era of gravitational astronomy. Based on it, multi-messenger astronomy is promising and ESO intends to advance it, in particular with kilonovae that will be better hunted with BlackGEM telescopes, in conjunction with gravitational waves … Read more

ESO Telescope Captures One Million Star Cluster Photos

A team of theoretical physicists have discovered a strange structure in space-time that may appear to an outside observer to be a black hole, but upon closer inspection will be anything but: imperfections in the fabric of the universe. Einstein’s general theory of relativity predicts the existence of black holes, which are formed when giant … Read more

ESO telescope reveals hidden cosmic nurseries

European astronomers show beautiful images of five cosmic nurseries, where swirling gas clouds and young stars show how special they are. Five years of work and more than a million infrared photos have resulted in breathtaking images. The European Southern Observatory (ESO) has targeted a hitherto hidden region less than 1,500 light-years away that takes … Read more

The electrician feels that he overpaid by 65 euros for the installed component, ESO says – this is the lowest price

A professional electrician from Kaunas, who wanted to increase the power of one plot, claims that he overpaid by at least 65 euros for the replacement of one of the necessary components – an automatic switch. However, the “Energijos skirmish operatorius” (ESO), which orders such services from the contractor, assures that the price is correct, … Read more

ESO invites to become partners: organizes training for future contractors

Karolis Sabaliauskas, head of ESO’s Investment Management Department: The range of work offered to partners is very wide: from automatic switch replacement for a growing customer to transformer construction with design work. May 4 AB Energijos skirstamo operatorius (ESO) is organizing Partneri dien for the first time, which invites all those who want to become … Read more

ESO will provide an opportunity to connect a personal device to a smart meter

The company “Energijos skyrstymo operatorius”, which creates a smart network, is finishing developing the technical interface between the smart meter and the user, and already in 2023. in the second half of the year, customers will have the opportunity to more conveniently monitor electricity consumption and make saving decisions. The innovations being implemented will allow … Read more

Convenience for electricity market participants is ensured by the data exchange platform developed by ESO

The possibility to change the electricity supplier in one step, and for this to receive all the necessary customer data immediately, is an important condition for a convenient electricity market liberalization process and smooth functioning of the market. This is ensured by the data exchange platform developed by the company “Energijos skirmish operatorius” (ESO). Last … Read more

Will there finally be another good ESO chapter after 2 years? Community celebrates announcements

Yesterday was for the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online introduced the new Necrom chapter and content for 2023. Early reactions from the community indicate that 2023 could be an exciting year in ESO. Here, on MeinMMO, you can find out why. What will ESO bring in 2023? As usual, a new trial appears (for 12 … Read more

The Elder Scrolls Online – Neujahrsfest, Xbox Cloud Gaming & ESO Live Koch-Stream

Be up at 8pm on Friday December 16th Join us for Lead Community Manager Jessica Folsom and Senior Community Manager Gina Bruno broadcasting straight from their kitchens as it’s time for the annual holiday cooking livestream. In their cozy homes, the two bake tasty treats from the Official Elder Scrolls Cookbooksure to get your … Read more