Rosángela Espinoza culminates her professional career and shows off her graduation certificate: “I did it!”

Happy and satisfied! The exchica reality Rosángela Espinoza, surprised and excited all her fans after publicly announcing that she had finished her university studies and that she is now a young graduate of a Marketing career. “I made it. Grateful. Graduated from the marketing career. My bachelor on the way”, He initially wrote in his … Read more

VIDEO: Alejandra Espinoza almost shows her breasts in the final of “Nuestra Belleza Latina”

Madrid. The popular model and presenter Alejandra Espinoza lived a very peculiar situation in the end of the contest Nuestra Belleza Latina. As host of the event, she starred in several outfit changes throughout the broadcast and it seems that, in the rush to change, the closure of a pink Monsoori croptop was not adjusted … Read more

Rosángela Espinoza threatens This Is War | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 11/17/2021 10:11 am Rosángela Espinoza, former reality girl, once again threatened the general production of ‘Esto Es Guerra’ by announcing that it will soon release all the dirty laundry that the members of the program hide. SIGHT: What Marketing technique does Rosángela Espinoza use to continue giving people talk in networks After her … Read more

Rosángela Espinoza surprises everyone by appearing in Telemundo installations | entertainment | nndc | SHOWS

Updated on 11/03/2021 11:09 am Following his removal from “This is War”, Rosángela Espinoza put an end to her stage as a reality girl and now travels the world visiting various cities. He is currently in the United States, where he surprised everyone by appearing at the facilities of Telemundo, Las Vegas. Through her official … Read more

Alejandra Espinoza denounces medical negligence

Getty Images Alejandra Espinoza She claimed that she was the victim of a very bad neurologist who did not know how to diagnose her correctly, which made her days in the hospital a true nightmare. During the podcast which he performs with his sister Damaris Jiménez “Between Sisters”, the beauty queen recounted in chronological order … Read more

Rosángela Espinoza and Patricio Parodi danced bachata on TikTok as a farewell to This is war

“There is the bachata that they want so much with the capital Patricio Parodi. You can never dance. I will invite you to my dance academy #propuestaindecente #bachata”, reads the description of the clip shared by Rosángela Espinoza. The model assured that she will not return to This is War and she will not record … Read more

Alejandra Espinoza: “I ran into a very bad doctor”

Alejandra Espinoza. Photo: Alejandra Espinoza / Courtesy Alejandra Espinoza breaks the silence and for the first time, after the nightmare she lived through last week when fHe was admitted to the emergency room for paralysis in the middle of his face and partial loss of sight, complaint: “The reality is that I ran into a … Read more

Natalie Vértiz on Rosángela Espinoza: “I think she dumps like dirty water” nndc | BOCONVIP

Updated on 10/09/2021 05:13 pm After Rosángela Espinoza assures that she no longer wants to record any kissing scene with Pancho Rodríguez for revealing that they both planned to kiss each other in a dance challenge in ‘This is war’, the host of ‘You are in all’, Natalie Vértiz pointed out that the young businesswoman … Read more

Rosángela Espinoza Instagram: Selfie girl is suspended from This is war EEG: “They called me and said I could not be”, video

It was not seen coming. Rosángela Espinoza It was something to talk about since it was absent in the last edition of This is war, and now the reason behind it is finally revealed: It is suspended. Through their social networks, The popular ‘Selfie girl He explained to his followers that he did not show … Read more

Alejandra Espinoza reveals if queens are born or made

Getty Images Alejandra Espinoza reveals if queens are born or made There are only four days until go back to the small screen the reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina, and while the excitement grows among the followers of the Univisión program, Alejandra Espinoza answered a question that many people ask about the beauty queens. The … Read more