Hamas describes the plan to establish new settlements in the West Bank as ethnic cleansing

The Hamas movementin a written statement, described as “a dangerous escalation and a crime of ethnic cleansing” the approval given by Israel to the construction of new colonies in the occupied West Bank. “The new colonies in West Bank and the forced migration of our people will not legitimize the occupying forces, but rather will … Read more

Røkke and Telenor establish a new company within cyber security

Telenor, Cognite and Aker are establishing a cyber security company Omny, according to a stock exchange announcement on Monday. The company will fill a void in the cyber security market where there is a great unmet need for software that prevents cyber attacks and secures companies’ operations, it is said. The goal is to build … Read more

Latvia plans to establish a new international military base

RIGA, April 25 (LITA) – The Ministry of Defense is currently working on the establishment of another international military base in Latvia, Minister of Defense Artis Pabriks (Development / About) confirmed to LETA. In a joint statement issued last week, the prime ministers of the Baltic states said that in order to ensure the continued … Read more

“Morocco aspires to establish a gas infrastructure worthy of the 21st century”

During an exchange with national media, held recently, Mrs. Benali affirmed that this gas infrastructure which includes gas pipelines, ports and storage and regasification units will not only guarantee competitive energy to the sector of electricity but also to the industrial sector which struggles to have access to natural gas today. The Minister also insisted … Read more

COTTO joins forces with “LHCG” to establish a joint venture company Entering the Cambodian market, selling “ceramic tile-sanitary ware”

SCG Ceramics Public Company Limited or COTTO Disclosure through the information system of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) that Sosuco Ceramic Company Limited (SSC), a wholly owned subsidiary of COTTO. entered into a joint venture agreement with LHCG Construction Store Co., Ltd. (LHCG) to establish a joint venture company to conduct wholesale and retail … Read more

Investigators have no evidence to establish Marshel as a suspect

Comedian Marshel Widianto is suspected of buying Dea OnlyFans content (Source: KOMPAS.com/GARRY LOTULUNG) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Polda Metro Jaya confirmed that comedian Marshel Widianto was only examined as a witness related to the alleged spread of pornographic content by Dea OnlyFans. This was conveyed by the Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya … Read more

why Russia will not be able to establish the production of chips, as in China

The Chinese have been trying to provide the industry with their own microcircuits for seven years, but they are not deterred by such tough sanctions or lack of budgets. From the first day of the war Focus never stopped working. Our team considers it its duty to inform the reader about what is happening, to … Read more

It is Haram to Establish a State Like the Prophet

Yogyakarta, CNN Indonesia — Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud MD calling it unlawful to establish a country like in the times Nabi Muhammad SAW. “We cannot and are prohibited from forming a state like the one formed by the prophet, no. It’s illegal,” said Mahfud during a Tarawih Lecture … Read more

Perseverance rover helped to establish the difference in the speed of sound on Earth and Mars

More than a year has passed since the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Perseverance rover landed on the surface of Mars. During this time, he transmitted to Earth a lot of data and images, and also took several soil samples. Now it became known that the rover helped scientists in the study of … Read more

The Minister of the Interior also calls on other municipalities to establish Ukrainian refugee coordination centers

Minister of the Interior Marija Golubeva (AP) also calls on other municipalities to set up coordination centers for refugees in Ukraine, the politician reports on the microblogging site Twitter. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The reception of the Ukrainian people in Latvia is a test of solidarity, and Latvia is able to help … Read more