In the Instagram lite: Ester Expsito, the Spanish star with the most followers

Madrid, Spain.-The pretty actressEsther Expsito, has established a new record for any Spanish star, as the protagonist oflite, the acclaimed series ofNetflix, over 20 million followers inInstagram, thereby ousting the model and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo,Georgina Rodrguez. Much of the climbing on steps in this fierce competition is due to the sexy dance that Ester … Read more

Ester Expósito: her boyfriend presumes her on social networks

Ester Expósito: her boyfriend presumes her on social networks | Instagram Special Actress Ester Expósito shares through an Instagram story how her new boyfriend, actor Alejandro Speitzer, boasts her with a photo on networks, seeing her participation in the new Spanish series Veneno. Network users wasted no time reacting to such a cute gesture. Much … Read more

Ester Expósito: what’s behind her romance with handsome mexican

Ester Expósito and Alejandro Speitzer the romance has been revealed | Instagram Many are already the rumors about the alleged romance between the beautiful Ester Expósito and the actor Alexander Speitzer and it is that in recent weeks they have been on everyone’s lips, but to confirm these rumors a twitter user has been given … Read more