Hamas describes the plan to establish new settlements in the West Bank as ethnic cleansing

The Hamas movementin a written statement, described as “a dangerous escalation and a crime of ethnic cleansing” the approval given by Israel to the construction of new colonies in the occupied West Bank. “The new colonies in West Bank and the forced migration of our people will not legitimize the occupying forces, but rather will … Read more

“Pragmatic Nazis, they did ethnic cleansing” – Libero Quotidiano

Il Azov Battalion continues to debate and divide Western public opinion. And Toni Capuozzoguest of Nicola Porro a Fourth Republic on Rete 4, he has his say. The regiment protagonist of the “heroic resistance” in the bunkers under the steel mill Azovstal a Mariupolin fact, it is holding the Russian army in check which wants … Read more

Ukrainian refugees evicted from Amsterdam shelter, owner wants ‘only women, children and ethnic Ukrainians’

All refugees who have been accommodated on one of the two boats at Java Island in Amsterdam have been put on the street. It concerns about 80 refugees. The reason for the sudden departure is that the boat owner has made demands on who is on his boat. He wants only women, children and ethnic … Read more

Covid and serious forms: poverty, type of housing and ethnic origin are also risk factors

A study published this Thursday March 17 by the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (Drees) set out to draw up a profile of patients hospitalized for Covid between March 2020 and November 2021. If the age is the main risk factor, the standard of living or even ethnic origin comes into play according … Read more

Mahathir Called Racist After Saying Chopsticks Chinese Ethnic Identity

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Former prime minister Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad |, deemed racist after making ethnic-identifying comments China with chopsticks. Mahathir received criticism after uttering what was considered racist at a book launch event on Sunday (12/12). “Chinese people eat with chopsticks. They don’t eat with their hands. They haven’t adopted the Malaysian way of … Read more

Foreign investors buy more than 26.5 billion Taiwanese stocks, focus on 6 ethnic groups, look at 17,500-Business Times

Foreign capital purchase over 26.53 billion corporate purchase over 28.3 billion yuan Benefiting from stable and volatile high-end US stocks, technology stocks have generally risen sharply, making the three major legal entities including foreign investors more in sync on Friday, with a total of 28.315 billion yuan in single-day purchases of Taiwanese stocks. Foreign and … Read more

Taliban Suspected of Killing 13 Ethnic Hazaras in Afghanistan

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Taliban reportedly killed 13 people of ethnic Hazaras in Afghanistan, including nine former soldiers who surrendered and one 17-year-old girl. According to Amnesty International’s latest investigation report, the murder took place in Khidir District, Daykundi Province, on 30 August. As reported CNN, 11 of the total victims were former Afghan National … Read more

Ethnic tensions in the north of France. The vice-mayor was beaten

About 40 people from LDNA attacked the town hall building in Val-de-Reuil on Saturday during the wedding of a Kurdish couple. Activists stormed the town hall, and then the wedding hall. The mayor of Marc-Antoine Jamet was sprinkled with flour, and the vice-mayor Fadilla Benamara was beaten on the steps of the town hall. This … Read more

Mapuche sector calls for the resignation of their ethnic groups: Loncón and Linconao are accused of “selling out” | Special

A group of Mapuche protesters arrived this Tuesday at the headquarters of the Constitutional Convention, to deliver a letter where they summon the conventionalists of that ethnic group, whom they accused of being “accomplices” of “dispossession and repression.” It was a protest registered on the outskirts of the former National Congress by Calle Catedral, starring … Read more