The EU applies Brexit to the Stock Market and restricts the ‘dual listing’ in the United Kingdom | Markets

It was a threat since the beginning of Brexit times, back on June 23, 2016. But, four years later, the threat becomes reality. The equity market of the EU and the United Kingdom will fragment, only a little, as of January 1, as an equivalence agreement between the two countries has not been reached, according … Read more

Iran: Riyadh has turned the area into an arsenal about to explode

Iran denounces that Saudi Arabia has turned the region into an arsenal of weapons, but worries about the end of the arms embargo against the Persian country. The Iranian embassy in Brussels (Belgian capital), headquarters of the European Union (EU), through the social network Twitter, pointed out that Saudi Arabia is among the countries with … Read more

Venezuela – Question & Answer – Excerpt from the press release (09.01.20)

P: Does France still consider Juan Guaidó the legitimate president of Venezuela? What is your position regarding what happened on January 5 in the Venezuelan parliament? R: France celebrates the re-election of Juan Guaidó as president of the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on January 5. Consequently, for France he continues to … Read more

Brexit, British media: Prime Minister Johnson will give the EU 38 days for agreement

07 September 2020 00:26 With the talks at a standstill, Johnson said an agreement would only be possible if EU negotiators were willing to “rethink their current positions” With the talks at a standstill, Johnson said a deal would only be possible if EU negotiators were willing to “rethink their current positions”. The EU, in … Read more

Violates anti-coronavirus rules, EU trade commissioner Hogan resigns

26 August 2020 22:19 He had attended a dinner at a golf club. There were about 80 participants but Irish law prohibits events with more than 6 people The Minister of Agriculture, Dara Calleary, had already resigned for the same incident. For Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin, the high official’s behavior “undermined the whole approach … Read more

Belarus, Europe is on the move: extraordinary Foreign Council on Friday | Still clashes in the night and dozens of wounded

12 August 2020 13:44 Brussels threatens measures against those responsible for the violence by denouncing elections “neither free nor fair”. The ministry: the police opened fire on some protesters armed with bars “Disproportionate violence” – In a statement on behalf of the 27, Borrell had specified that Brussels could consider measures against “perpetrators of violence, … Read more

German turn and discounts gave “historic” deal – European Union

After a 90-hour negotiation marathon, European Union leaders agreed, early Tuesday morning, on the terms of a € 1.8 billion plan to respond to the pandemic crisis. Was it due to concessions to frugal (Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and Denmark)? Was Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, the biggest winner in the dispute? Yes, but not … Read more

The world’s stock markets closed higher following the EU agreement and because of hope in US stimuli

In parallel, a measurement of the market volatility of European equities sank to its lowest level since February 25. EU leaders reached a historic agreement early Tuesday morning around a stimulus plan for 750,000 million euros (u $ s856,000 million) and a budget of 1.1 trillion euros for 2017-2021, which they hope will help the … Read more

Costa reveals that the Recovery Fund will guarantee 15.3 billion euros to Portugal – European Union

The pre-agreement reached last morning, which cuts the amount of the Recovery Fund (Next Generation EU), as well as the amount to be distributed on a non-refundable basis, was at the “limit” of what could be considered a “good agreement”, defended António Costa at the entrance to the plenary on the 27th on the fourth … Read more

EU Summit, Conte against Rutte: “If everything collapses, you will answer to the Europeans” | “Italy has its dignity, there is a limit”

July 20, 2020 1:03 am Tough attack by the Italian Prime Minister on the Dutch Prime Minister: “You are about to compromise an adequate and effective European reaction” For a few hours in the very hard arm wrestling between Italy and Holland a crack seemed to open and mediation seemed possible. Then, however, at the … Read more