Media: Europe could be without gas in two months

Europe could run out of gas in the next two months due to frost and low gas supplies, Bloomberg reports. “The energy crisis hit a bloc member when security of supply was not on the agenda of EU policymakers,” said Maxim Machinili, head of energy and climate at FleishmanHillard EU, a consultant. He expects that … Read more

The form of the EU’s dialogue with Russia is unacceptable

This is a reaction to the interview of the head of EU diplomacy Josepa Borrella for Die Welt, in which he rejected Russia’s proposals for security guarantees as “unacceptable” and warned that negotiations on them could not take place without the participation of the European Union. “The form of Mr Borrell’s claims against us and … Read more

Germany is responsible for more than a quarter of the EU’s GDP

In 2020, slightly more than a quarter of the EU’s GDP was generated by Germany (25.1%), followed by France (17.2%) and Italy (12.3%), followed by Spain (8.4%) and the Netherlands (6.0%). In this ranking, Poland was in fifth position, generating 3.9 percent. EU GDP – he said Eurostat. At the opposite end of the scale, … Read more

Dr Disrespect Announces Midnight Society: His First Video Game Will Be a PVP in EU 5

Said and done. Guy Beahm, better known in the streaming and video game world as Dr DisrespectHe said this summer that he wanted found your own video game studio. When the year is about to end, his project has been made official: has formed the Midnight Society development studio, along with former Infinity Ward and … Read more

Palm News – Palm Oil Prices in 2022 Remain High, But..

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – According to Oil World records, vegetable oil prices were recorded to have climbed, even in the period of October or around the beginning of November 2021, the price of crude palm oil (CPO) had reached a record high price for the last five years. “The price of Indonesian crude palm oil (CPO) … Read more

The European Parliament is working on an EU minimum wage

The EP underlines that coronavirus crisis emphasized the need to introduce a fair minimum wage in the European Union. Many workers on the front lines of fighting the pandemic, such as caregivers, healthcare workers and cleaners, earn the minimum wage, and almost 60% of those receiving the minimum wage in the EU are women. MEPs … Read more

Do Poles trust EU institutions?

Commissioned by The European Commission the study shows that Poles are at the forefront of societies believing in the good intentions of the broadly understood EU bureaucracy. Comparably high percentages of respondents who said they trust the EU institutions were recorded in Ireland (74%), Portugal (74%), Denmark (71%), Luxembourg (75%), Finland (71%) and Malta (72%). … Read more

The Kremlin wants to participate in solving the migration crisis

The Kremlin denied that it participated in causing migratory pressure on Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. At the same time, Moscow would like to take part in negotiations to resolve the crisis. Putin’s help? The European Union has accused Belarus for a hybrid attack aimed at the member states of the community. Therefore, during a meeting … Read more

European Union sues Portugal for poor air quality caused by nitrogen dioxide – Society

The European Commission said this Friday that it would sue Portugal for poor air quality caused by high levels of nitrogen dioxide. “Portugal has continuously and persistently exceeded the annual limit value for nitrogen dioxide in three air quality zones,” the Commission said in a statement, referring to Lisbon and Porto, the country’s largest cities, … Read more

Gen. Roman Polko appeals to our NATO allies

On Monday, crowds of migrants, led by Belarusian officials, reached the Polish border near Ku┼║nica (Podlaskie Voivodeship), thus starting a new stage of the crisis. The government convened a crisis team on this matter, and there was also a meeting with the president. The Ministry of Interior and Administration informed that the services prevented the … Read more