Bulgaria is considering a long-term gas contract with Gazprom. It would be a “blow” for Brussels

Bulgaria is likely to start negotiating a long-term gas supply contract with the Russian company Gazprom. The Deputy Minister of Energy of the Bulgarian caretaker government, Elenko Božkov, stated this in an interview for local television on Friday. At the same time, Gazprom is a Balkan country he disconnected from his gas in Aprilwhen Sofia … Read more

Blocking €8 billion for Ukraine: Zelensky’s reaction

Photo: mfa.gov.ua Ukraine expects 8 billion euros from the EU The head of state expressed hope that this is a mistake of one country, which will be corrected. The delay in macro-financial assistance promised to Ukraine in the amount of 8 billion euros is either a crime or a mistake. This was stated by President … Read more

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There are many people who want to renew their cell phone, this is because the device they have is either old or simply not updated. Others also indicate that their decision is that the battery does not perform as well as when they just bought it. Is it your case? In order for you to … Read more

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WhatsApp It is still one of the most downloaded applications in the world and through it you can carry out any type of activity such as sending photos, videos, GIFs, and even reacting to all the texts that your co-workers send you. It turns out that in recent days several users have been affected by … Read more

where will the savings hurt the most?

Flickr/rhodesj (CC BY 2.0) NOS News•Tuesday, 17:59 With an emergency plan that was negotiated in a characteristically Brussels way, the EU wants to prevent that we do not have enough gas to get through the winter, even if Russia turns off the gas tap further. The member states have agreed to voluntarily reduce their gas … Read more

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How many emojis do you use a day? WhatsApp, the most famous conversation app, is about to add more than 20 new emoticons for you to use in your conversations. They are added to the already present 700 icons where you can find yellow faces, professions, foods, objects, vegetables, etc. But there is something that … Read more

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Many times people who study engineering tend to buy a laptop without the correct specifications, allowing programs such as Autocad not to work well; in the same way those gamer users. It is because of that Asus has decided to launch ROG Zephyrus M16 (2022) GU603Z. The laptop, although it has a series of interesting … Read more

Southern member states oppose EU gas emergency plan

EPA NOS News•Thursday, 20:22 Greece, Portugal and Spain oppose the European Commission’s gas supply emergency plan. The Commission wants all EU countries to reduce their gas consumption by 15 percent between August and March. According to the EU, this is necessary to get through the winter if Russia turns off the gas tap further or … Read more

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Is it capable of resisting if you knock it to the ground? Apparently yes and it is that Samsung has decided to present what would be its most warrior cell phone to date with the aim of improving work in companies: it is the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro. What is it about? This smartphone is … Read more