“Even the one who was kicked out continues… ” Eun Ji-won’s ‘naughty remark’, the comment window was turned upside down

Eun Ji-won captured the attention of netizens with her bold remarks. Eun Ji-won and Kim Jong-min appeared as guests on tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market’ broadcast on the 16th. This day’s broadcast was conducted as a special feature of P.O, who is about to enlist. Below is tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market’ Eun … Read more

Now More Popular, Cha Eun Woo Precisely Claims To Live Lonely For 6 Years: I Want To Get Married

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‘Wakanam’ Lee Sang-joon “I’m worried about Eun Ga-eun’s comments about ruining her life”

‘Wakanam’ (Photo = TV Chosun) [이데일리 스타in 김가영 기자] Comedian Lee Sang-joon and Eun Ga-eun talked about his virtual marriage life. On TV Chosun’s ‘Wakanam’, which aired on the 16th, Lee Sang-jun and Eun Ga-eun met Yang Ji-eun and Kang Hye-yeon. On this day, Eun Ga-eun, Yang Ji-eun, and Kang Hye-yeon went on stage and … Read more

Lee Sang-jun ♥ Eun Ga-eun marriage registration form → One night in the car… I feel strange, Wakanam

Lee Sang-jun ♥ Eun Ga-eun, following four weeks, admiration compatibility“Lee Sang-jun, you have a lot of lust for honor and you are immature”Marriage registration completed… Are you a real couple? Photo = Screen capture of TV Chosun’s ‘The Man Who Writes His Wife Card’ Ga-eun Eun and Lee Sang-jun completed the marriage registration form. In … Read more