Real estate companies and specialists ward off bubble risk – Imobiliário

Despite the sharp rises in housing market prices, the recent rise in interest rates and the Euribor rate, in addition to rising inflation – which accentuates the loss of household purchasing power – real estate companies and sector specialists in the short and medium term the bubble scenario in the sector. Especially in the luxury … Read more

Euribor rise again makes appetizing savings certificates – Markets

The rise in the three-month Euribor due to the increase in interest rates in the Eurozone has the potential to increase the appetite for savings products, which had been dormant until then, due to the lack of appeal caused by interest rates remaining at historic lows. “Theoretically, the rise in interest rates helps to remunerate … Read more

The loan installment will increase by about 50 euros

After a seven-year hiatus, the Euribor interest rate is above zero, average loans the monthly contribution will increase by about half a hundred euros. If you have borrowed 30 thousand. The monthly payment will increase by about 30 euros. If your loan is 200,000, if Euribor rises to 2%, your loan costs could increase by … Read more

Housing credit: if Euribor reaches 2%, families will pay “another 200 euros every month”

The provision of mortgage loans can increase by more than 200 euros as of next year. According to the Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection (DECO), this is the result of the rise in interest rates. In negative territory since November 2015, the Euribor at six months started to rise at the beginning of the year … Read more

With Euribor rising and deposits at zero, is it worth paying off the home loan? | Savings

At this time, those who have loans, particularly mortgage loans, are concerned about the rise in Euribor rates: at 12 months it is already on its way to 0.5% and at six months it should enter positive territory in the coming days. Those who have bank deposits, many of them without any remuneration or very … Read more

Does my effort rate increase as the Euribor rises? – Money and Career

Euribor rates have been rising for three months on all maturities. But it is expected to be a scenario to worsen in the coming months. This is because the European Central Bank (ECB) is expected to start interest rate hike benchmark, as a measure to combat the current rise in inflation in the Euro Zone. … Read more

Inflation, prices, interest rates rising… Is it time to buy a house? What the experts say

Loss of purchasing power, more credit restrictions, Euribor hikes and possible changes in bank spreads… Real estate market may slow down but sector experts say that house prices will hardly fall to the point where it is worth waiting There is no turning back: the Euribor rates, which serve as a reference for housing credit, … Read more

With Euribor rising, is it time to switch housing loans to a fixed rate?

Experts heard by CNN Portugal converge on the idea that the fixed rate, if applied for 10 years as most national banks propose, does not bring benefits Anyone looking to buy a home always asks this question: is it more beneficial to opt for a fixed or variable interest rate? The issue, with return of … Read more

Euribor rates are expected to exceed 1% in November. Increase affects almost 300,000 families

Euribor rates are expected to rise in the near future, and are expected to even exceed 1% in November this year, according to ‘Diário de Notícias’ (DN), citing an economist who analyzed the effects of inflation on the pockets of the Portuguese. Filipe Garcia, economist at the IMF, considers that with inflation continuing with this … Read more

Housing credit alert: six years later, the euribor rate is already positive

The interest rates used in mortgage loan installments are all rising. In April, the 12-month euribor closed with a positive average, which had not happened for six years and three months. The other Euribor are also on their way to becoming positive. And that will start to make itself felt at the end of the … Read more