Fantastic Z.LaVine threw half a hundred points and repeated Jordan’s achievement

Zachas LaVine’as played fantastically, but that was not enough to win the Chicago Bulls (22/29) – she 108:120 (33:25, 33:28, 18:33, 24:34) landed at the Atlanta Hawks (28/25). That’s how the Bulls’ three-win series ended. Z.LaVine’s show ended with a score of 50 points, of which he scored as many as 39 in the first … Read more

Impressive performance in the fight – unstoppable J.Tatums career show

Jayson Tatumas set a new career record and represented the Boston Celtics (27/26) in the National Basketball Association (NBA) home game 145:136 (25:39, 32:27, 35:31, 32:27, 21:12) defeated the Timberwolves of Minnesota (13/40). Still, the fight needed an extension. With a minute left in the fourth quarter, the team scored 3 points (119: 122), but … Read more

D. Sabonis, who returned to the parquet, led the Pacers to victory with a great double double

Domantas Sabonis ran again on the parquet and is represented on the Indiana Pacers (24/27) trip 111:106 (33:30, 31:21, 19:27, 28:28) broke into the Orlando Magic (17/35) club. At the end of the second half, “Magic” stopped completely – they did not score almost 5 minutes and the opponents took advantage of it – 61:47. … Read more

We will not see in the final of T. Dimsha’s European Cup – “Gran Canaria” eliminated after the last minute

The Las Canmo Gran Canaria team, which is wearing a T-shirt, ended the European Cup season in the semifinals Tomas Dimša. The club represented by Lithuania 74:76 (26:21, 9:24, 14:11, 25:20) stumbled against AS Monaco, who made it to the finals and won the series 2-0. 6 seconds before the end of the match, Dee … Read more

Neptūnas has signed a long-term agreement with a promising Klaipėda resident

Klaipėda Neptūnas has signed a long-term agreement with a promising Klaipėda resident Christopher Keiniu. 2004 The player born in the last season of the National Basketball League (NKL) represented the Klaipėda Neptūnas-Akvaservis team. He also played in the Regional Basketball League (RKL) with the youth of Klaipeda “VKKM-Neptūnas”, and in V.Knašius basketball school he took … Read more

P.Motiejūnas: debt tail remains and we cannot go deeper into debt – we will have to start saving more

On Thursday evening, Kaunas “Žalgiris” basketball players finished the 2020-2021 victory with an impressive victory. Euroleague season. After winning 17 victories in 34 matches played, the Žalgiris remained in the eleventh position in the tournament table and were only a few victories behind the teams that will play in the playoffs. The season was exceptional … Read more

“Shaqtin ‘A Fool” – R. Westbrook’s game in the head of the opponent and lost in time M.Smart

The funniest episodes of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) week reappeared on Shaqtin ‘A Fool. San Francisco Golden State Warriors intertwined fourth for the ball, and unsuccessful for second Russello Westbrooko attack. Upstairs, there was a misunderstanding between Orlando’s Magic – throwing the ball, all four players fell into attack and R.J.Hamptonas remained with the … Read more

M.Blaževičius: I am in a great situation, I have just finished school and I am in one of the best European organizations

After bleeding, Kaunas “Žalgiris” closed the Euroleague season with a thinner composition, which turned into a chance for young people. He became one of the young people who spent extra time in the square Marekas Blaževičius, scored 7 points in 18 minutes, rebounded 4 balls and scored 8 utility points. After the match, the nineteen-year-old … Read more

D.Gailius: about the career stage in Germany and the goals for the end of the season

Long-term player of Klaipeda “Neptune” David Gailius once again put on his hometown team t-shirt. After an unsuccessful short career in Germany, the 32-year-old basketball player returned to the port city to help Neptune emerge from the mire of failure. “I will try to help with everything I can on the site,” D. Gailius did … Read more

J. Valančiūnas, who was not stopped again, became the author of the Grizzlies record

The fourth victory in a row at the National Basketball Association (NBA) has been credited to the Memphis Grizzlies (26/23) team, whose honor Jonas Valančiūnas. “Grizzles” in the opponent’s territory 131:113 (29:34, 38:30, 43:23, 21:26) defeated the Atlanta Hawks (27/25) basketball players who had previously won four games in a row. Lithuania played 26 minutes, … Read more