Young man hits the Euromillions combination but loses prize

A young British woman checked out the winning EuroMillions combination and believed she was a millionaire, but the joy was short-lived. According to ‘ABC’, after several months of betting on the same numbers, these were finally the winners, but the prize could not be withdrawn due to insufficient balance. Rachel Kennedy, a university student from … Read more

they played super lotto but all their numbers came out… Euromillions, “I want to die!”

Posted on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 2:57 p.m. It’s really bad luck… Louis and Ilda, two Lille residents, tried their luck like many other people do for Friday the 13th. Last Friday, the two students therefore decided to play Loto and Euromillions respectively! In the evening, they check their tickets and what is their … Read more

The EuroMillions puts 215 million euros into play this May 10, 2022: what are the frequent and rare numbers?

To beat the odds, some analyze the output frequencies of each number and the balls that have not fallen for a long time. The National Lottery provides players with all the statistics on the draws since the creation of the game of chance. If we focus only on the period since 2016, since the grid … Read more

Two Euromillions prizes of 45 thousand euros came out in Portugal

Two third Euromillions prizes, worth €44,600.75, went to gamblers who registered the slip in Portugal, indicates the gaming department of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa. Another three players abroad won the same amount, with five correct numbers and no stars. There were also four second prizes abroad, worth €238,540.90 each, matching five numbers and … Read more

Euromillions draw results: no big winner for the 173 million jackpot, here are the numbers drawn

There were 173 million euros to be won this Tuesday in the Euromillions draw. The winning grid had to include the five correct numbers as well as the two correct stars, as recalled by the National Lottery . As there were no lucky ones in this last draw, players will have another chance to win … Read more

A EuroMillions winner has already shared more than 60 million of her winnings!

Frances Connolly experienced what many of us hope to one day experience, winning the EuroMillions superjackpot. A famous jackpot of 115 million pounds sterling, which is equivalent to 136 million euros. The 55-year-old lady had also planned well in advance what she would do in the event of a winning ticket. Frances had made a … Read more

British EuroMillions winner of 180 million is ‘addicted to giving money away’ | Abroad

Frances Connolly (55) and her husband Patrick from Hartlepool, Northern England, won 115 million pounds (about 180 million euros) in 2019 with EuroMillions. They agreed on a budget that they would give to charities each year, but Frances says he has already “spent it until 2032.” Connolly estimates that she has already given away £60 … Read more

Frances and her husband have won 135 million… but have already spent more than half the jackpot in two years!

Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at 2:50 p.m. Par Sudinfo Frances Connolly and her husband have been giving their all since winning €135m in EuroMillions. Between works of charity and donations to their loved ones, the two Englishmen refuse nothing and have already exhausted more than half of their jackpot… In 2019, Frances Connolly … Read more

The National Lottery has found the mysterious EuroMillions winner

One of the Belgians who won a million euros in the 21 January draw for the “Shower of Millionaires” action, presented this week with her winning game ticket at the offices of the National Lottery in Brussels, said the latter on Friday in a press release. Originally from Walloon Brabant, the lucky winner, “aged 35 … Read more

No player guesses the correct EuroMillions combination

Swiss Post was able to mitigate the financial consequences of the pandemic last year. It ended the year with a consolidated profit of 457 million francs, up 279 million compared to 2020. But its core business remains under pressure. In 2021, in a context still marked by the pandemic, operating profit (EBIT) stands at 515 … Read more