Germany: Christian Drosten, a very discreet “mister corona”

“Which virologist do you trust the most?” asked the tabloid Bild to its readers on April 3. The 60,000 participants in the survey did not hesitate: Christian Drosten is the undisputed champion, the favorite of the public. At 48, the director of the virology department of the Berlin University Hospital of Charity already has an … Read more

Oil crisis: “The Americans should accept quotas”

Patrice Geoffron is a professor of economics at Paris-Dauphine University and director of the Center for Geopolitics of Energy and Raw Materials. Read also Speculation, saturated storage… Why the barrel of oil fell below zero dollar Nothing seems to prevent a fall in world oil prices. How did we get here ? The health crisis … Read more

Covid-19: the return of the welfare state?

Grandstand. The partial confinement of Europe has revived the idea that capitalism is definitely a very fragile system and that the welfare state is back. In fact, the flaw in our economic system revealed by the tragedy of the coronavirus is unfortunately simple: if an infected person is able to infect several others in a … Read more