The EU’s new sanctions against Russia include a complete ban on gas imports and a ban on buying property

The countries of the European Union (EU) have started coming up with ideas for new sanctions against Russia. In the coming days, the European Commission (EC) will organize negotiations with representatives of 27 EU member states to clarify priorities and then come up with a proposal for new sanctions. Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Ireland … Read more

Will Chubi lose his life in front of León and confess that Eus is his son? (ADVANCE)

Chubi (José Luis Ruiz) will be shot after defending Mabel and León (Andre Silva) It will hurt to see him in that state. The singer will take him to the clinic in an emergency, but Chubi will be very hurt and will ask him to take care of his son. So, will the singer find … Read more

The Kremlin is seriously enraged by the EU’s decision: it threatens serious countermeasures

The Kremlin responded to the European Union’s visa restrictions for Russian citizens with a statement of “serious action”. Dmitry Peskov again threatens the EU with “serious steps”: “It is 100 percent.” August 31 The EU has agreed to completely suspend the visa facilitation agreement with the Russian Federation. This decision will significantly reduce the number … Read more

CLEAR: The EU’s options for dealing with high energy prices

Capping the price of gas intended for electricity production The price of electricity on the stock exchange is determined by the so-called closing power plants, which are the most expensive source for its production. Currently, gas power plants are the source. A cap on the price of gas for power plants therefore appears to be … Read more

Eus took Franco’s life and Leon heard the sound of the shot?

Eus (Nicolas Galindo) committed a crime in broad daylight. The son of Eusebio De Souza persecuted Franco, León’s lawyer, to end his life and prevent him from being the defense in the trial for the possession of Luz. The businessman got rid of an enemy in order to obtain victory in court. Eus fired two … Read more

Dizzying gas, the expert reveals the EU’s faults ▷ “If they decide to cut off Russia …”

The dynamics of the price of energy it continues to worry the European states, in particular Italy. Giulio Bosanian expert in financial markets and trading, tried to explain what happened in the last few days at Amsterdam Stock Exchangewhere the cost of the gas: “The price of the TTF it went from 340 to 260 … Read more

The Lithuanian oil industry is at the epicenter of the EU’s green transformation plan

How does AB ORLEN Lietuva, the only oil refinery in the Baltic States, adapt to global changes in the global energy market? Was it difficult to refuse the import of raw materials from Russia? How is the introduction of ecological innovations within the company? What is the company doing to reduce CO2 emissions and negative … Read more

Patricia confessed a secret about Eus and Luz to Diana

Patricia (Laly Goyzueta) met Diana (Maria Jose Vega) to talk off the record about the situation facing the de Souzas. The journalist and godmother of little Luz was upset as a result of what happened to her youngest and came to Lima to investigate. Like any press woman, Diana interviewed those involved and, when speaking … Read more

Chubi defended himself against Eus and threatened to take his life

Eus (Nicolas Galindo) searched for Chubi (José Luis Ruiz) because he wanted to end his life, as Eusebio had asked him days before. The president found out that his enemy was released and did not sit idly by, since he asked Eus to become a hitman. Eus carried a firearm and went to the place … Read more

Gold and machinery are included in the EU’s new sanctions against Russia

It is planned to ease part of the restrictions related to the export of food The European Commission approved the seventh package of sanctions against Russia. The project foresees a ban on the import of Russian gold into the EU, including through third countries. Measures will also be implemented to restrict trade in machinery, chemical … Read more