A gas pipeline was broken in the boiler house in Iecava; evacuated residents

At 17.04, SFRS received a call to Count’s Square in Iecava, where it was necessary to prevent gas leakage. It was established at the scene that the boiler house building was dismantled with a front loader, as a result of which the gas supply was cut off and gas leaked. Enclosed area at the scene. … Read more

the Court of Appeal and its surroundings evacuated because of a “threat”, the security perimeter has been raised

Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2020 at 6:36 p.m. The Antwerp Court of Appeal was evacuated Thursday afternoon after receiving a “threat”. The neighboring buildings and catering establishments as well as a car park were also evacuated. “We don’t want to take any risks,” police spokesman Wouter Bruyns explained. It would be a bomb threat. … Read more

Trump evacuated from press conference after shooting near White House

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, abruptly interrupted a press conference at the White House on Monday, to which he returned shortly after to announce that the Secret Service had just shot an apparently armed person outside the presidential compound, reported AFP The president was giving his regular press conference when he was … Read more

Shooting outside the White House: Donald Trump evacuated by the Secret Service (video)

Donald Trump abruptly interrupted a press conference at the White House on Monday, before returning to explain that the “Secret Service” had just shot a person “outside the White House”. Trump made a statement at the start of the press conference when he was questioned by an agent who whispered something in his ear. The … Read more

Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko was evacuated to Turkey

Published on : 30/07/2020 – 23:16 Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko finally left Congo-Brazzaville this Thursday morning. The opponent, who has been imprisoned in the Brazzaville detention center for four years, is said to be suffering from an acute malaria attack, aggravated by hypertension. On Wednesday, Congolese authorities announced that they were accepting a transfer abroad for … Read more

Houses in Heesch evacuated due to collapse risk | Inland

On Sunday, the damage of the vacated houses at the Biezenloop in Heesch is clearly visible. Ⓒ AS Media HEESCH – Seven houses have been evacuated in Heesch, North Brabant, due to the risk of collapse. The residents were taken from their homes on Saturday evening and, according to the Security Region, were relocated elsewhere.

Claim – Fifty residents evacuated following a parking fire

Several scooters and a small electric vehicle caught fire at the entrance to the garage of a building in the Contamines district. Two people taken to hospital. Chloé Dethurens Updated 24 minutes ago The building, located at rue Michel-Chauvet, was damaged by significant smoke emissions. Two residents were transported to the hospital for checks. Six … Read more