Astro, the useless but cute robot who wants to know everything about you

The robot presented by Amazon last week does not have an arm. On the other hand, it is well provided with eyes and ears. Tcrisp rop! With his big round expressive eyes displayed on his tablet-shaped face, one would give Astro the Good Lord without confession. Last Wednesday, Amazon announced Astro, its little robot on … Read more

Reopening of nightclubs: “This time, it really smacks of returning to life before”

Immersion at Fuse, in the Marolles in Brussels for the reopening of nightclubs this Friday, October 1st. After a year and a half in purgatory, the nightclubs reopened their doors during the night from Friday to Saturday. We took the temperature at Fuse, in the Marolles in Brussels. The taxi that takes us back to … Read more

Coronavirus – Couple, families, colleagues: when vaccination rhymes with tensions

The overwhelming majority of Belgians are vaccinated against covid but few are those who have not been confronted with a closed person to the idea. What sometimes provoke lively discussions. Testimonials and advice from a member of the psy & corona task force. Chis epidemic is becoming an epidemic of unvaccinated people. By scolding those … Read more

PLF, vaccination …: change for travel abroad

The PLF will no longer be available in an electronic version. Lhe ministerial decree setting out the health measures decided by the consultation committee of last September 17 has just been published in the Belgian Official Gazette, announced Tuesday the Minister of the Interior, Annelies Verlinden. We learn in particular that the Passenger Locator Form … Read more

ATMs: the wrong figures for the future Belgian network

“Le Soir” was able to consult confidential figures compiled by the National Bank of Belgium: in terms of accessibility to cash and the number of ATMs made available to the population, these statistics do not bode well for the to come up. In question, the project which brings together the four largest banks in the … Read more

Comic strip: “The Last Swordfish” smells of powder

What happened to the Swordfish after their decisive role in the fall of dictator Basam Damdu? Belgian screenwriter Jean Van Hamme gives a sequel to Secret de l’Espadon, the founding story of the adventures of Blake and Mortimer, created by Edgar P. Jacobs in 1946. LSeptember 26, 1946, in issue 1 of the new weekly … Read more

Last straight line to know if Belgium is finally closing nuclear power plants… or not

The application submission phase for the CRM ends on Thursday. This subsidy mechanism should make it possible to build new gas-fired power stations. But there are still many uncertainties. And an extension of nuclear power cannot be ruled out. ISometimes you have to pinch yourself to believe it, but our country decided to do without … Read more

Has the specter of the health pass caused the Belgian vaccination figures to soar?

Rather false. 4,000 appointments made in 24 hours in Wallonia following the announcement of the enlargement of the pass. It is five times more than the day before, but we are far from a French “boom”. In Brussels, the measure announced on September 7 has, for the moment, not the slightest impact on the vaccination … Read more

Operation CurieuzenAir has started in Brussels: the interactive map of locations

For a month, the participants in this citizen science operation will measure nitrogen dioxide in their street. VERONIQUE LAMQUIN This Saturday, CurieuzenAir panels flourished on 3,000 Brussels facades: 3,000 devices for measuring nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the ambient air. This is the largest collaboration ever between scientists and citizens in the capital. When the University … Read more

Soaring energy prices: when to consider a contract change?

The surge in gas and electricity prices is not without consequences on the final bill paid by the consumer. And it could get worse if, as experts predict, the increase continues this winter. How to protect yourself from it? It all depends on your situation. Ct is a right in Belgium, consumers have the possibility … Read more