“If it wasn’t for broadcasting, I threw it” Jang Yoon-jung, eventually returning the appearance fee… Shocking current situation

JTBC, KBS2 Trot singer Yoon-Jung Jang expressed her anger on the air and even declared the return of her appearance fee, drawing attention. LG Hello Vision ‘Breaking Jang Yoon-jung’s seal-making a national singer’ On the 22nd, in the 18th episode of LG HelloVision’s entertainment show ‘Breaking Jang Yoon-jung’s seal – Making a former national singer’, … Read more

[방송]’I’m Solo’ 9th group Young-sook, eventually … “Appointment of a lawyer has been completed, suing in progress”

The 9th member of ‘I’m Solo’, Young-sook, has filed a complaint against defamation and dissemination of false information. On the afternoon of the 30th, ‘I am SOLO’, the 9th member, Young-sook, left a message on her Instagram story. Mr. Young-sook said, “I am in the process of filing a complaint regarding defamation, spreading false information, … Read more

First about gold – under the new management, NB wants to buy roughly 100 tons of gold. Czechia would then start building its gold treasure again and would eventually have the most gold in its history

esk nrodn banka by rda rozila dv zlat reserve piblin destinsobn, na vce ne 100 tun. M se tak stt how many let. In the day interview for denk Prvo it was stated by Nov Gov. NB But Michael. Do of gold he decided to invest widely like this, or vvoj the price precious metal … Read more

A bride got married and took her mother with her on the honeymoon..After two weeks, she discovered the fatal surprise. This is what her mother used to do with her husband without her knowledge, and eventually the parents’ heads turn gray for her!

A British woman was shocked by her mother’s betrayal of her with her husband, after she took her with her on her honeymoon, only to be surprised by the birth of a child from her husband, which caused the collapse of her marital relationship. Lovestroke Lauren Wall was so grateful to her mum for sponsoring … Read more

‘In-app payment conflict’ KakaoTalk eventually followed Google’s policy… The Korea Communications Commission’s ‘factual investigation’ procedure

Kakao has deleted the web payment outlink of KakaoTalk, a payment method that has been in conflict with Google. The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) has determined that Google’s refusal to allow web payment outlinks may violate the so-called ‘In-App Payment Compulsory Prohibition Act’ (Revised Telecommunications Business Act), and is taking a fact-finding procedure that may … Read more

After finding out they married the same woman, they eventually became friends: obvious warning signs raised suspicion immediately after the wedding

Christopher Thomas and Peter Sherratt were horrified to discover that Karen Sherratt was secretly practicing bigamy, thesun.co.uk reports. The woman was sentenced to four months in prison at Cardiff Crown Court in 2014 after the lie was discovered, Wales Online reports. During the trial, Christopher and Peter could not communicate, but after the trial, they … Read more

Jennie ♥ V’s dating rumors sparked a model, eventually even her girlfriend was summoned

While group BTS member V and group Black Pink member Jennie were caught up in dating rumors for a date photo that they were taken on Jeju Island, model A’s girlfriend, who was identified as a real man in the photo, opened her mouth. Model A’s Instagram On the 27th, on the online community Nate … Read more

SPAIN GRAND PRIX – FERRARI – Leclerc, much more than 25 points lost: “The penalties will eventually fall” – Video Formula 1

Formula 1 SPAIN GRAND PRIX – Ferrari experienced terrible disappointment in Catalonia. Charles Leclerc, comfortably in the lead of the race, was betrayed by his engine while Sainz visited the lower sides of the circuit. In Les Fous du Volant, Stéphane Vrignaud and Gilles Della Posta are particularly worried about the rest of the season. … Read more