Fed wants to raise rates as early as the spring. And Evergrande collapses

One is in combat gear, the other is ready to surrender. Opposite poles. But the Federal Reserve and China’s Evergrande still have something in common: the power to heavily influence the markets. After months of hesitation, the former seems determined to fight inflation by any means, which is set to jump to 6.7% in November; … Read more

The market value of Chinese real estate company Aoyuan evaporates 19.6 billion in half a year due to debt crisis | China Aoyuan | Kaisa | Fantasia

[Epoch Times December 06, 2021 News]China AoyuanAfter being exposed that financial management overdue redemption, the redemption plan was finally disclosed recently. At present, the Hong Kong stock price of this Chinese real estate developer has fallen by about 80% compared with six months ago, and the total market value has evaporated by about HK$19.6 billion. … Read more

Evergrande shares plummet 15% after strong signs that the company is on the brink of default

Published: 6 dic 2021 11:11 GMT Currently, the company’s shares stand at $ 0.24, its lowest level since May 2010. Shares in Chinese real estate giant Evergrande tumbled 15% to their lowest level in 11 years on Monday following strong indications that the company is on the brink of a potentially disastrous ‘default’ and could … Read more

Evergrande’s first US dollar debt default, 4 departments of the Chinese Communist Party urgently “maintain stability” | Xu Jiayin | Epoch Times

[Epoch Times December 04, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Cheng Jing)EvergrandeAfter the group recently issued an announcement that it might “unable to fulfill its financial guarantee responsibilities”, the Guangdong Provincial Government interviewed the founder of Evergrande that eveningXu Jiayin, And dispatched a working group; the Central Bank of the Communist Party of China, the China … Read more

Xu Jiayin reduces Hengda’s 1.2 billion shares to cash out 2.2 billion yuan | debt repayment | sell stocks

Industry: Xu Jiayin can no longer control Evergrande [Epoch Times November 27, 2021](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Liu Yi) ChinaEvergrandeFounderXu Jiayin1.2 billion shares sold on November 25EvergrandeShares, cash out 2.7 billion Hong Kong dollars (approximately 2.2 billion yuan) per month. After the reduction, Xu Jiayin’s shareholding ratio fell below 70%. The Hong Kong Stock … Read more

Another Chinese real estate giant “Aoyuan” has debt crisis | Aoyuan Real Estate | Evergrande | Fantasia

[Epoch Times November 26, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Li Jing)Evergrande、FantasiawithKaisaAfter that, another Chinese real estate giant——Aoyuan Real EstateIn a debt crisis. According to insiders of the group, the sudden increase in debt settlement requirements recently caused Aoyuan to be embarrassed for a while. According to “China Business News”, on the evening of November 22, … Read more

Evergrande Guangzhou Football Stadium Rumored that Chinese Officials Take Over | China Evergrande Group | Football Club

[The Epoch Times November 26, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Xu Cuiling reported from Taipei, Taiwan)China Evergrande GroupDeep in debt.According to Reuters, Chinese officials have taken over Evergrande’sfootball field, And consider selling for cash repayment. If there is still no buyer in the end, the state-ownedGuangzhouAcquired by Urban Construction Investment Group.In addition, Evergrande is also considering … Read more

Xu Jiayin’s friend jumped off Liu Luanxiong’s loss of HK$11 billion and cleared Evergrande | Chinese Real Estate | NTD Chinese TV Online

[New Tang Dynasty News November 24, 2021 Beijing time]ChinaEvergrandeOne of the major shareholders of the group, Xu JiayinBuddyLiu LuanxiongHong KongChinese Real EstateThe group announced that it will sell up to 751 million authorized shares.This means that General Liu LuanClearanceEvergrandeFor stocks, the loss is expected to exceed 11 billion Hong Kong dollars (approximately US$1.4 billion). Comprehensive … Read more

Evergrande football stadium land has been reclaimed, once wanted to surpass Barcelona Camp Nou

Evergrande football stadium land has been reclaimed, once wanted to surpass Barcelona Camp NouFly into the homes of ordinary people source:People’s Sports Weibo According to domestic media, the Evergrande football field has been recovered and is ready to be auctioned again. If a new company takes over the Guangzhou Club, it needs to see whether … Read more

Evergrande to sell 273 million shares in HengTen Networks USD Business

According to Evergrande’s press release, it will sell 18 percent. HengTen Networks’ share price of Hong Kong $ 1.28 per share, up 24.3 percent. cheaper than the price fixed at the close of the last trading session. Evergrande will incur approximately $ 8.5 billion. A loss for the Hong Kong dollar, taking into account the … Read more