Evgeny Petrosyan’s wife said that she holds the position of director in her husband’s theater

0:42 Your browser does not support the audio element. 25.05.2023 07:57 Humorist’s wife Evgeniya Petrosyan Tatiana Brukhunova told what position she occupies in the theater of her husband. Photo: smotrim.ru In her personal blog, Tatyana Brukhunova told Web users about her professional activities. The fact is that one of her subscribers doubted that the celebrity … Read more

Game” you can see stand-up comedian Evgeny Chebatkov in the form of a criminal leader

© New footage from the upcoming Major Grom: The Game, which is currently under active filming and will wrap up this fall, has surfaced online. The premiere will take place no earlier than 2024. The footage shows stand-up comedian Yevgeny Chebatkov in the form of a criminal leader. Now the film crew has completed the … Read more