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Aperture Science researchers are working on portals, traps, and upgrades for Evil Genius 2

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Fans have discovered a new teaser for the remake of Resident Evil 4

© Fans of the Resident Evil series have been looking forward to the announcement of a new remake for a long time. Capcom first published tweeted a hint of Resident Evil 4, then an announcement spoke at Gamescom. Alas, the Resident Evil 4 remake has yet to be officially confirmed. However, die-hard fans of the … Read more

New PlayStation announcement could include tracks from Resident Evil 4 Remake

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s new ad, featured in the past PlayStation Showcase, has included multiple guides to sagas much loved by the players. In addition to symbols related to franchises such as Sly (va Reddit), players have also discovered other very striking symbols: specifically, one that relates directly to Resident Evil 4 and what could, according … Read more

Resident Evil 4 Remake confirmed by PlayStation? Polish fans found an interesting tidbit

Resident Evil 4 Remake has been unofficially confirmed by Sony? The Japanese are having fun with the players. A lot has been said about Resident Evil 4 Remake recently, but Capcom has not yet decided to present the game either during this year’s Gamescom or PlayStation Showcase. There is little chance that production will be … Read more

Hint “Evil Castle 4: Remake”?Sharp-eyed netizens found the Sony conference egg | TV host | NOW Video Games

Hint “Evil Castle 4: Remake”?Sharp-eyed netizens found the Sony conference egg | TV host | NOW Video Games We’re sorry but NOWgame doesn’t work properly without JavaScript enabled. Please enable it to continue. .

Capcom launches “Evil Castle” 25th Anniversary full set, 9 prequels are included at once | 4Gamers

Capcom today (13) released the “Evil Castle” series 25th Anniversary Super Collection, which is expected to be released on PS4 on November 25. There are a total of 9 games in the original series for you to release in three sets. If you want to have it all at once (Hey ). There is nothing … Read more

“Evil Genius 2” PS / Xbox set version will be launched this year, enjoy playing the villain, dominate the world and output evil “Evil Genius 2”

Game Source Entertainment announced that the villain simulation game “Evil Genius 2(Evil Genius 2)”, PS5, PS4 and Xbox One boxed editions will be launched in 2021. Under the new story and setting, the player plays the villain once again, and continues to output evil in order to dominate the world! Manage assets, recruit confidants, and … Read more

Arthur H enchants with his evil double

he could not let down Alice, his “evil double”: Arthur H extends the pleasure of this character he had embodied in the theater with a concept album with suave melancholy, colored with electro and auto-tune. “Premature death of a popular singer in the prime of life”, a winter 2019 play born from the meeting between … Read more

Ramanathan IPS, who embodies both good and evil; 20 years of the ‘monster king’

Rakshasaraja is a 2001 Malayalam film directed by Vinayan and starring Mammootty in the lead role. The character of Ramanathan IPS played by Mammootty in the film still has fans. Director Vinayan is sharing his memoirs 20 years after the release of the film. Vinayan’s Facebook post Today marks the 20th anniversary of the release … Read more