Martyna Wojciechowska exaggerated with filters ?! “People really believe it.” The traveler showed how to manipulate the image [FOTO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

“How much truth is there? Zero” – notes Martyna Wojciechowska, addressing Internet users in her latest publication. The traveler posted photos and a short video on social media, in which we can see her image “enhanced” with generally available “beautifying” filters. Martyna Wojciechowska has been enjoying unflagging popularity for many years. A valued journalist and … Read more

“What the hell did they vote”: Chumel Torres blew up Jorge Alcocer for saying “exaggerated” to parents of children with cancer

(Photo: IG @ ChumelTorres / Presidency of Mexico) The officials of the Fourth Transformation continue to give something to talk about in the public sphere, because this Tuesday, July 20, the head of the Ministry of Health, Jorge Alcocer, described as “valid, but exaggerated” the interest of parents of children with cancer to acquire cancer … Read more

Nermin El-Feki… She exaggerated in photoshop editing, so her friend appeared like this! | news

A case of controversy raised by the artist, Nermin El-Feki, after she posted a photo with one of her friends on Instagram. The controversy comes due to Nermin El-Feki’s exaggeration in using the Photoshop program to slim her waist in the photo, which showed her friend somewhat strangely. It is noteworthy that Nermin El-Feki participated … Read more

Bars on the streets are not a bad solution, but should not be exaggerated / Article

Plastic poles as a traffic organization solution in Riga have been accepted as a “panacea”, and someone is very passionate about them – the very rapid appearance of plastic poles in Riga was commented on by traffic organization expert Oskars Irbītis. Traffic expert on plastic poles in the streets of RigaKristaps Feldmanis00:00 / 00:53 He … Read more

Cezary Żak really exaggerated. His wife doesn’t recognize him!

Cezary Żak started an image experiment. Not all fans liked this idea. The actor’s wife, as she herself admits, has trouble getting used to the appearance of her husband. Picture Cezary Żak and Katarzyna Żak /Tricolors /East News Cezary Żak, loved by fans of “Rancza” for his dual roles as a politician and a priest, … Read more

Barbara D’Urso announces the return to TV with an exaggerated photo

The queen of Mediaset is ready to get back on the “track” and announces it on Instagram by posting another of her crazy photos. And the web is divided Barbara D’Urso she is lying on her stomach by the pool, practically without veils apart from a hat and a mini slip “swallowed” from his lower … Read more

“Exaggerated me?”: The video of the suffering of the model who underwent the swab

Sofía Jiménez, better known as “Jujuy”, published a video on her social networks that opened the controversy. The model is in her home province, very close to her family, fulfilling social, preventive and mandatory isolation. The truth is that since for work he must leave his home to fulfill these tasks, he is exposed to … Read more

Nutritionist called the damage of chips exaggerated :: Society :: RBC

The damage to chips is greatly exaggerated. About this in an interview with Radio Sputnik declared Nutrition and weight loss specialist, nutritionist Ivan Alimenko. According to Alimenko, chips due to the high salt content are harmful to people with hypertension. They are also harmful to people with atherosclerosis because they contain cholesterol. Due to the … Read more