The Czech Republic is gaining success with exceptional talent. But sport is not a priority for her, another world dazzled her

The joy of Antonia Galušková, she just went to the adult national team. Jan Homolka / He comes from a purely boating family. Her father founded a company producing equipment for water slalom, which is also used by world stars, and he also brought his daughters to slalom. First, Karolína collected youth medals, then … Read more

Good deal Xiaomi Redmi Note 9: the mid-range accessible at an exceptional price

Xiaomi’s latest mid-range, the Redmi Note 9, is currently available with a very nice discount from the FNAC! In recent years, several Chinese manufacturers have emerged in the world of smartphones, and have shaken up a world that was comfortably organized around Apple and Samsung. High-end level, Huawei is the most famous, with a P30 … Read more

PSG: Choupo-Moting is unanimous after his exceptional evening!

Football – PSG Posted on August 14, 2020 at 3:30 am by AM Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, who entered the match against Atalanta, offered qualification to PSG in the semi-finals of the Champions League. And he’s praised internally. Who would’ve believed that ? While he wasn’t even supposed to play with the PSG and that he … Read more

Such a serious act deserves consideration of an exceptional punishment, says the plaintiff about the fire in Bohumín

What is the current attitude of the man accused of the arson attack in Bohumín towards this act? He confessed or is he trying to deny it? The accused confessed to the crime and it can be said that he cooperates to some extent with investigators. It can even be said that he showed some … Read more

Lionel Messi makes Napoli defense DANCE and scores an exceptional goal (video)

Lionel Messi scored the third goal of his season in the Champions League this Saturday evening. And what a goal! The Argentine offered a recital, resisting defensive interventions before deceiving the Neapolitan doorman. Messi first inherits the ball when entering the box. He will then eliminate, by his dribbling, two opponents. Hanging, he falls but … Read more

EXCLUSIVE Coronavirus: the government is working on exceptional taxation of complementary health insurance

They have no illusions. Health insurers know that at the start of the school year, they will have to “return” to Social Security the sums they have quite unwittingly saved this year, when the coronavirus emptied the doctors’ offices and hospitals of their usual patients and pushed Medicare to assume the full cost of teleconsultations … Read more

Sheikh Feiler’s “surprise” … exceptional fact or appearance?

Wrote: Omar Qurah Sunday 2 August 2020 11:49 AM Ahmed Al Sheikh, Al-Ahly’s winger, surprised his coach, Rene Weiler, coach of the team, with his good performance in the middle (8), the player said. Sheikh said that Feiler was surprised by the level he presented during a training match (Tri Match) immediately after returning to … Read more

Good deal iPhone Xs Max: The smartphone available at an exceptional price during these sales

This weekend, you will be able to buy the powerful iPhone Xs Max at its best price thanks to an offer signed by FNAC! Fans ofApple are on the startings-blocks, a little over a month from the release of the 4 future models of the iPhone 12 generation. A wait that should not last too … Read more